We All Have Priorities!

If good grades are a priority, then it is good for you!  It means you want to work hard, meet submission deadlines, and make certain that your written assignments are prepared as well as possible.  It also means that you are willing to sacrifice social and other activities, family obligations, and other things in order to spend the time required for each and every course assignment.

What happens when you have sacrificed all that you can and are still unable to meet deadlines or put in the time and effort necessary to complete all writing assignments?  Most students look for online writing services that can produce quality works quickly and expertly to fill in those gaps.  When they do so, they adopt a new set of priorities – price vs. quality.  If low cost is the top priority, the decision is simple.  Simply access the first cheap writing service and place an order – instant gratification!  An essay, paper, or other written work can be delivered within an hour or two.  Or, the wise student goes for quality as the top priority and selects, instead, Supreme-Thesis.com.

There is a major difference between the majority of essay writing services and Supreme-Thesis.com. They offer cheap prices; they offer rapid delivery of written works; they offer little else.  Supreme-Thesis.com, on the other hand, prioritizes quality and offers that, first of all.  Which do you want?  Here are the major differences between the cheap writing services and Supreme-Thesis.com:

  Supreme-Thesis.com Rival writing companies  

Supreme-Thesis.com uses only native English speaking writers, who are charged with and held accountable for producing original, expertly written works for its clients.  All writers at Supreme-Thesis.com have degrees and credentials will qualify them to produce the works they do.

Most of the cheap, rapid turnaround services operate form overseas non-English speaking countries.  They do not use native English-speaking writers, if they use writers at all.  Most of what they deliver to customers is plagiarized content – taken from free databases and “tweaked” in some minor ways, but plagiarized nonetheless and easily discovered by instructors and professors in any institution.

Supreme-Thesis.com produces each ordered work from scratch and delivers it to a client who then has sole ownership of that piece of writing.  Once delivered to a client, the piece of writing is deleted from our system, never to be seen again by anyone. The cheap services will sell students any type of work they want – no problem!  They simply reach into theirs or others’ databases to find a reasonably related piece of writing and sell it to a new customer.  The fact that this piece has been sold several times before does not matter.  It will matter to the student who now submits it, however!
Supreme-Thesis.com has flexible pricing based upon the order, academic level, and deadline.  Furthermore, the initial price quoted does not change, and such things as title pages and table of contents are added for free. Cheap services generally charge a standard price-per-page no matter what the ordered work is.  This is a “dead giveaway” that the service is fraudulent.  In addition, there will be hidden fees tacked on at the end, for simple things such as a title page or a table of contents
Supreme-Thesis.com uses only degreed English-speaking writers who are assigned work products based upon those degrees and experience. Cheap services typically use foreign students to superficially revise existing works and who do not have the English skills necessary for worthy products.
Supreme-Thesis.com believes in 24/7 customer service, and someone is always available to respond to questions and issues Cheap services do not have continual customer support for its customers.  Once the order is placed, it is if they have disappeared.  Your work will be delivered, but there will typically be no other contacts.
Contact between client and writer is encouraged and occurs throughout the process at Supreme-Thesis.com! This is not allowed by cheap services, usually because there is no writer or because the writer is a non-English speaking individual
Supreme-Thesis.com meets 99% of its deadlines, and, if one is missed, the work is delivered along with a full refund!

Cheap services often miss deadlines and there is no recourse for the customer


Priorities? We believe we have our priorities correctly in place. If your priority is quality work that you can proudly submit, then Supreme-Thesis.com is your writing service!