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Emotions are the strongest inner power that could lead person through the whole life. However, we are strong or weak depends on what we feel. Not always we could feel positive emotions. Moreover, negative feelings give us even more power, thus they make us stronger to life circumstances.

This year I had an emotion that influences my attitude to the environment a lot. Sadness was my emotion. I have lost my close friend, thus he moved to another place to live and study. It was rather hard loss, but it makes me stronger and stable to situations that may happen in life. First time it was hard for me to continue my everyday life without the person who shared each of my days. I need to understand that there is nothing and nobody eternal. As far as I understand that, I could appreciate every day and every person in my life.

James-Lange Theory

There are three main theories of emotions and we would analyze emotion mentioned above according to them. James-Lange theory insists on the fact that emotion is caused more by the bodily response caused by event then by perception of event. Thus, to feel strong emotion we need first experience bodily response as fast breathing, sweaty hands. This response is directly connected with emotion. However, I had an aching pain in my heart that was connected with the lost.

Cannon-Bard Theory

Cannon-Bard theory point that bodily response is not always connected with the emotion. Racing heart could mean both anger and excitement. Brain is controlling our activity, thus our emotion depends on our thoughts and reaction of brain on them.

Schachter-Singer Theory

Theory known as the Schachter-Singer theory also points the importance of both bodily response and mental activity. The same response may present different emotion. Aching pain in hear might be sorrow or sadness. The concrete event or circumstances influence our emotions. 

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