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Thesis: When Mike decided to compare his life with his father’s at the age of twenty he realized that he had much better life conditions than his father in the areas of employment, transportation and entertainment.

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One fine day Mike Smith was driving his Mercedes-Benz on the way home. The weather was nice, and his favorite song was playing on the radio. By the time Mike celebrated his 20th, the Smith family owned the big construction business which was headed by his father. Mike was the head of department of interactions with business partners. Being at work, he concluded the profitable bargain with a foreign contractor and he was thinking about the best place to go for a holiday. However, before to go on vacation, he had to call father and made a report concerning the conducted business meeting. When he did it, he came to the idea to compare his life with the life of his father at the age of twenty. When Mike decided to compare his life with his father’s at the age of twenty, he realized that he had much better life conditions than his father in the areas of employment, transportation and entertainment.

Compare Mike’s and His Father’s

To begin, it is necessary to compare Mike’s and his father’s employment features. Unlike Mike, who, in his twenty, heads the structural subdivision of a family company, has the separate big bright office, secretary and five-day working week, his father faced the problem of lack of money early in life and had to work as a builder of bridges in Alaska. “It was very difficult, an extremely cold wind blew in the face, hands were frozen, we had to fight with incredible fatigue and lack of sleep constantly, we worked 12 hours a day,” said Mike’s father, John. The wage was also not so high. For him, there was the necessity to earn at least some money. Thus, it is obvious, that Mike’s father’s working conditions were harsh. On the contrary, Mike had a very good situation. His father earned money and formed own company. By the time Mike turned twenty, the family business increased, and Mike got the ability to take a good position. Consequently, he had good salary, leadership position, many subordinates, and no physical labor.

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Comparison of Father’s and Son’s Opportunity

Now it would be good to make a comparison of father’s and son’s opportunity for comfortable transportation. First, the father’s life will be described. Thus, Mike’s relative did not have a car and worked extremely far from his home. Due to the fact he worked in Alaska, it was very difficult to visit home often. In order to see his relatives and girlfriend, he had to spend money for train ticket and waste a lot of time for traveling. In addition, he had only one day off so it was possible to visit home on holidays only. Nevertheless, he managed these problems and did his best to create the good conditions for his son. Since the family succeeded to form and develop the corporation, so young Mike had his own big house near the main office of the company. Despite that it was possible to go to work on foot Mike had a new expensive car. Hence, he did not have any transport problems.

Ability of Both Father and Son to Satisfy Their Needs for Entertainment

At last, there is the need to analyse the ability of both father and son to satisfy their needs for entertainment. The comparison of their lives showed how lucky Mike was. Therefore, his parent had no time and money for entertainment, and a sleep was the most enjoyable activity for him. Moreover, there was no possibility to find desired audio records and cassettes due to their shortage. Meanwhile, Mike had enough time to have a rest. He visited night clubs permanently and had sufficient financial resources to spend holidays at good resorts. Furthermore, he grew up when the digital technologies were widespread, and there was quite easy to find and download favorite song and video. It was also very suitable to switch on the music in the car or use the iPod in order to enjoy music. It was as well possible for Mike to buy tickets and visit the concert of favorite musical band.

When Mike analyzed and compared all mentioned facts, he realized how difficult his father had in his youth. He understood that his father had no choice but to work hard and earn money to make the life better that he, actually, did not have any time for entertainment and had to pass thousand kilometers to get home. Consequently, Mike understood that his father had worse life conditions and decided that, no matter what, he will always follow the example of his father and will not be afraid of difficulties on the way to success.

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