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Annotated Bibliography

Harvard University. “ Violent Video Games and Young People.” Harvard Health Publications. 3 Oct. 2010. Web. 10 April 2013 <  

This article is written by Harvard University, and it points out that most of the research that has been done on the issue at hand has shown that video games do not have any relationship with violence whatsoever. It proves how the rates of cases where children have become violent have reduced significantly in the last 17 years despite the fact that the sales of video games has been on the rise.

Having been written on the basis of a research, I found out that the article was very useful to the topic under discussion. The result of the research that was the basis of the author of the article gives a good direction concerning videos and violence among children.

Gardner, Joshua. "Do Video Games Make Kids Violent?" ABC News. ABC News Network. 17 Dec. 2012. Web. 10 April 2013 <>.  

Gardner wrote this article after Adam Lanza shot dead 26 students in a school, in Newton. He sort to get opinions of several people who suggested that video games and violent movies have little effect on making young people violent both physically and emotionally. Gardner explains that there are little evident linking video games and violent behavior among children.

This article gives a formidable source of information since it looks at the evidences that have been given that could link violence, among the young people, to watching violent videos and playing violent games.

The Future of Children. “Children and Electronic Media”. The Future of Children, 18. 1 (2002). 1-2. Web. 10 April 2013. <>.

This journal article is written by The Future of Children editors. They critically analyze the scope of children and electronic media, and come up with the conclusion that the notion that video games have an effect on young people that make them violent is not true. They acknowledge that most people believe that the games and movies cause physical and emotional violence. However, they note that scientifically, there has not been any prove to support these views.

The author makes it easy for any person to get into terms with findings of the scientific research that was done regarding the topic. The evidence is explained very well and clearly.

Hall, Ryan, Day, Terri and Hall, Richard. “A Plea for Caution: Violent Video Games, the Supreme Court, and the Role of Science.” Mayo Clin Proc., 86. 4 (2011): 315–321.

The authors of this article attempt to address video games and violence by bringing into scrutiny two previous related issues. They use the court case of Schwarzenegger vs. the Entertainment Merchants Association and an earlier debate that had taken place in the 1950 known as the comic book. As a result, they come up with two theories where one of them proves that the people who play violent video games have violence-like characteristics. On the other hand, the other theory argues that there is little or no connection between people who watch violent videos with their having violence characteristics.

The article explains the cases that have been in court and decided as explained by the author. The ruling is necessary since they would give us a legal dynamics of the topic. The matters of the topic have been discussed in a court of law; the judgment gives us a legal direction.

Bushman, Brad. “The effects of violent video games. Do they affect our behavior?” International Human Press, 12 Feb. 2013. N.p. Web. 10 April 2013. <>.

Bushman, a Professor of Communication and Psychology seeks to prove in this article how playing violent video games is more harmful and influential in making people violent both physically and emotionally than watching. He opposes that watching violent video games has any contribution to making people violent. His main point of argument is that playing games is more active than watching videos, which is passive. Therefore, it is more likely that playing videos would lead to violent behavior than watching violent videos.

The writer of this article gives a psychological opinion about playing and watching videos and their impact to young people. This gives us a view on how this affects the young people psychologically which could lead to physical influence.

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Rockefeller, Jay. “Causality Question.” Interview by Michael Venables. West Virginia, Feb. 2013. Web.

Jay Rockefeller is a senator of West Virginia. This interview was conducted to seek his opinion on video games and violence among children by Michael Venables of Forbes magazine. The senator seemed to disagree with the court ruling that the violent movies and video games do not have any effect on making the young people become violent. He also said that all people should focus on protecting the children; a responsibility he thinks is not being fulfilled appropriately.  


The person interviewed in this article has been on the ground for a long time. Being a senator, he has dealt with people and has a lot of information about this issue. His opinion gives us ideas that watching and playing violent videos have an influence on the behavior of the young people.

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