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STAT Stands for Science Teachers Association of Texas

After reviewing five websites, I have summarized them in the following paragraphs.

STAT is an association of teachers and instructors statewide that aims at sustaining the peak of education in the schools. Improvement of science coaching in Texas for all levels and disciplines is the focus of this organization.  This group serves as the cohesive say for all of the science teachers of the state. It assists in keeping the members up to date with all the developments in science education. It also offers chance to members to be able to observe the curriculum, technology and materials and helps in keeping them informed about the various conferences and seminars allied with science. One can register online to avail the assistance provided by the organization.

Professional Organization

The American Association for the Advancement of Science is a non-profit association that aims at advancement of science, innovation and engineering worldwide.  It is a professional organization that serves as an instructor, representative and a leader to promote and develop science. To augment understanding of science internationally, it arranges and organizes the activities for the members, issues the journal “Science”, many books, newsletters and reports and related to science. AAAS assists in improving the communication amongst the public especially engineers and scientists encourage the use and integrity of science. It puts an effort to influence science on the issues related to the society. The membership is open for all as the association intends to foster science and technology education for everyone.

International Space Station

National Aeronautics and Space Administration focuses on deriving benefit for the entire civilization by getting to new heights and revealing the unidentified things. President Dwight D. Eisenhower had found NASA in 1958. Since then, it has carried out or financially supported research that has resulted in copious enhancement to life. NASA performs its tasks under three main associations - Aeronautics, where it leads and demonstrates latest flight technologies, Human Exploration and Operations, which concentrates further than the low Earth orbit on processing of International Space Station and human exploration and Science, where it surveys the Earth, Universe and the solar system. The organization has a strong and vigorous plan for series of discovery, survey, development of technology and research in science that will continue for many years forward.

National Wildlife Federation is committed to safeguard wildlife and environment. It focuses on rousing the upcoming generations of environmentalists. The federation believes in helping the wildlife endure the tough phase of the current century. To contribute in this task NWF works with various associations to attain their conservation goals. It helps and assists in figuring sustainable solutions for all the problems that are faced by the habitat and wildlife. All its actions are directed towards making sure that the heritage of wildlife in America is sustained. The National Wildlife Federation assists in protecting wildlife, helping habitats, connecting kids and nature, supporting solutions for clean energy and climate and advocating policies for conservation.


National Park Service is assigned with task of taking care of the national parks. Currently it has safeguarded almost 400 places with the help of various volunteers and partners of park. It helps the local governments, tribes, non-profit associations, individuals and businesses to invigorate their area, to protect and maintain local history and to form options near to the houses for kids and others to be active and have fun. The mission of the National Park Service is to take care of the extraordinary places of America to ensure that the heritage is sustained forever.

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