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The Essay Objective. Your essay will explore the experiment of Jane Elliott, documented in “A Class Divided” frontline episode. In order to succeed in your first essay, you will have to watch the movie and analyze it. I would like to see you taking on the plot, evaluating the experiment and contrasting it to the real world’s forms of discrimination. Do you agree that the roots of racism are as simple as the episode suggests? Conversely, do you find the scenario and use of a racial epithet farfetched and artificial? Develop your point and prove it to the audience. Compare and contrast the racial issues of 1970th with those of present days. What related phenomenon persists in modern society? Which notions do you find obsolete? Try presenting solid arguments in order to substantiate your conclusions.

Your Audience. Your essay should be constructed in a way that will attract diverse readers’ categories. Your audience may be of a different age and cultural background that seeks to understand the discrimination problem better. Most importantly, your readers are particularly interested hearing your personal views. Imagine yourself to be a famous films critic, whose opinion people value nearly as much as that of the movie’s producer’s. That will encourage you to find arguments that are most appealing to your audience. Please keep in mind that you want to retain your readers, as well as their acknowledgement of your works.

Pre-Writing Tips

  1. Do not bother looking for summaries that are available online. As the topic suggests, you should present your own thoughts and conclusions rather than paraphrase reviews of questionable quality.
  2. Keep taking notes while watching the episode and write a short outline of your first impressions once the movie is finished.
  3. Let the subject rest for a while, switching to some other activity. Then watch the movie again, and you will be surprised how many new ideas will come up; write them down in a structured way.
  4. Decide about the essay’s accents. Develop strong arguments. Most importantly, draw the essay’s structure and think it through thoroughly.

The Paper’s Structure

  • The essay should start with the summary containing strong thesis and the purpose of your work. Do not pile up arguments in the summary section and keep it as concise as possible.
  • You will develop your point elaborately in the main essay’s body. Keep the logical hierarchy while writing about your findings. Make sure your thoughts are well substantiated.
  • Your essay should end with the conclusion that will briefly outline the most important points. The conclusion should not look like a summary. Avoid making unnecessary statements and repeating yourself.
  • As you write, keep using third person point of view. It will help your audience to concentrate on the topic, and you will avoid shifting the perspective.
  • Your complete essay should amount to 700-800 words. Put the word count on the title page.
  • The volume of the summary and conclusion put together should not exceed 40% of your essay.

Formatting: In order for your first essay to meet the formatting requirements, you must pay attention to following guidelines:

  • Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced, 2.5 inch margins on all sides.
  • Include a heading, as well as a reference to the video you have used in correct MLA format.
  • Make sure your heading, title, and reference are properly formatted and capitalized.
  • You must save your essay in .doc or .rtf MS Word format before uploading it.

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