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Health Promotion

Analyzing the articles on health promotion on three levels in nursing practice, here are the conclusions and details of the analysis. Considering one approach, established in the article “Health Promotion Interventions to Address Climate Change Using a Primary Health Care Approach: a Literature Review” by Walker R., health promotion is a state of person’s organism that lets it to lead a productive life physically, mentally, socially, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally satisfying all the standard requirements to the organism’s norms of state. Health promotion is based on the understanding of the necessity to lead a healthy lifestyle, to eat wholesome food, be socially active and lead some working activity as well as participate in communication. According to the article on secondary level of health promotion “Effectiveness of Nursing-led Inpatient Care for Patients with Post-acute Health Care Needs: Secondary Data Analysis from a Programme of Randomized Controlled Trials”, a lot of success during the curing process depends upon nurses and their attitude and care about the patient during the period of rehabilitation and applying the medicaments. Moreover, a great part of positive result depends upon the stability of care and availability of nursing staff during all 24 hours and within 7 days a week. The patients’ understanding of the fact that there is somebody, or, to be more precise, qualified medical personnel to help him or to take care of him in case there is something wrong, makes the process of recovery easier and less painful emotionally and physically. The article on tertiary health promotion gives a determination that health care promotion as the general normal state of a person’s organism but emphasizing the effect of health care importance upon the financial part of the healthcare system in general. It identifies the possible changes in the system in order to produce positive growth of medical insurances.

Nursing Practice 

Health promotion in nursing practice follows several purposes like understanding the great role and influence of nurse importance for the success of medication and treatment. This is determined by the variety of nurses’ responsibilities and the amount of hours they spend near their patients providing them with all the necessary attention and making sure of receiving the necessary level of curing actions. For nurses it means a lot because they start a deep reformatting of understanding of their importance and general role in the process of delivering medical services. The amount of nurse staff proves the fact that every patient does not have to suffer any lack of attention from the medical staff part. The realization of the fact that nurses become the closest people to their patients during their stay in the hospital makes it more important for medical staff to provide good level of medication and apply the best skills.


A strong interdependence between all the hospital practitioners like therapists, surgeon experts, nurses and others guarantees the general good atmosphere in the process of treatment and establishes a new level of cooperation. Nurses will get more knowledge not in theory but more in practice what makes them develop their leadership features and influence positively upon the success of medical care system in general. The role of nurses is very important but this category of workers can be even more productive in case of implementing the idea of constant investigation of every particular case and promoting the health care and healthy lifestyle ideas and the main steps in taking care and preventive actions to their current patients as well as to their families and friends who come to visit them to the hospital. Then there is going to be an active process of constant health promotion with the help of all medical workers and involving all possible levels of people that might need the medical care. Thus, nursing role becomes important as well as the range of responsibilities is growing evolving in the process of health promotion.


There are certain implementation methods needed for the productive health promotion and this involves all areas of nursing practice. Like every process the implementation of concrete actions begins with assessment of each particular case and deep analysis of the best actions to apply to this or that particular case. The next step to take is the panning of the appropriate course of treatment for every patient. Once the plan is complete and worked through with critical attitude to it the next level is validation of the plan together with the client and other professionals as well as asking family members for their points of view about it. Then there come possible corrections for the general plan’s look. The following stage of the process is checking all the necessary skills and knowledge for the plan’s implementation and improving all of them if necessary. Further actions include informing the client about all the steps of the plan and defining roles of every branch of specialists and customer in the process of realization of the given plan. Finishing all the preparations and additional actions, comes the realization of the plan and turning it into action. After the successful implementation of the plan into action the process of secondary level of health care begins. During which the nurse’s role becomes one of the most important and influencing the general flow of the positive consequences.

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According to the information presented in the articles, it is possible to compare three levels of health promotion prevention.

  • Primary prevention includes all actions and activities that are meant to lessen the possibility of getting ill or have a positive result of disease analysis or other disorders. This considers leading a healthy lifestyle mostly and preventing any possibilities of contacting with viruses that can possibly cause an illness.
  • Secondary prevention means a system of methods for early elicitation of the possible illness symptoms and characteristic features. Early observation and thorough analysis may be of a great importance on early stages of detecting a possible disease. First actions and medical interventions are the leading factors that determine the successful curing and prevention of illness’ extension.
  • Tertiary level of health promotion prevention includes effective and active medical actions that are directed to reducing of the disease progressive factors and to lessen the suffering of the patient from the secondary destructive and painful effects of the disease. 
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