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In the clear mind of statistical, it is a combination of samples. The goals of statistics would not met by not focusing on the following aspects. The mean is also known as the average and it is obtained by dividing all the values with the total number of observations. The e median is the middle number in a set of values (Ulmer, 1998). The mode refers to that set of data that occurs frequently. Finally, the standard deviation, tries to show how the entire data set is to the average value. Therefore, according to the weight data collected from the Gym the following values justify them.


Total observations=44934.74/252=178.31


Total set of observations=148.25 body weight and 18.3 fat concentration.

The measurement of the central tendency is an important process. The importance of finding these aspects helps in

  • The most normally used as well as aspects that are  gamely tacit measures
  • They are the  preferential process for displaying information for the all-purpose public
  • They are simple to work out and require no training - like first putting values in order - before you can work them out.

The mean and the median are two crucial aspects in the measure of central tenday. Therefore, in respect to the determination of people’s salary the mean is the best method to use as it is used for normal distributions compared to the mean that is used for skewed distributions

Hypothesis is an assumption about the population parameter. On the other hand hypothesis test requires one to examine the entire population in order to determine whether the hypothesis is true or not. This is done by taking a random sample from the population. If there is no consistent with the statistical hypothesis it is automatically rejected (Haidt, 2006). There two types Null and alternative hypothesis. Null hypothesis is denoted Ho, which samples observations by chance. Alternative hypothesis denoted H1 samples observations influence by non random cause.


In conclusion it is clear that the Gym is of great help to both reductions in fat concentration and at the same time in weight loss. The gym boss should focus more on the weight loss which at the same time leads reduction in fat concentration in the body.

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