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Educative Clip

The Deep Dive Video is an educative clip depicting an internationally recognized firm IDEO, sharing some of the best and required practices which can encourage innovation in the workplace. In the first part of the video, a team of workers from the international design organization shares some crucial tips regarding innovation and design. The team comes up with different ideas on how they can innovate and design the supermarket shopping cart. The lesson learnt from this part of the video is that listening is a critical element in encouraging innovation in the workplace. The boss and employees are equal and everyone should give an ear to each other.

Second Part

In the second part of the Deep Dive Video, the international designing organization continues to share ideas on how they could improve the shopping cart. Here, the organization shares four critical elements on how innovation can be encouraged in the workplace. The elements include no criticizing of team members’ ideas, encouraging of wild ideas, staying focused and allowing one conversation at a time. It is through encouraging wild ideas that a team will subsequently come up with the best ideas through narrowing of ideas; narrowing of ideas should be done by the entire team.

Third Part

In the third part of The Deep Dive Video, the team working on the shopping cart is ready to show its final product, innovated and designed. Critical elements come up, which are vital in encouraging innovation. One vital element is appreciating everyone; this makes employees feel encouraged to take a part in the innovative process. Recognizing the efforts of the entire team is crucial. Also, in order to encourage innovation in the workplace, there is the need for encouraging the team that everything except nature is designed. It implies that the team can design anything they want; the only thing the team requires is coming up with ideas and focus on them.

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