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In order to make a film effective it is imperative for the director of the film to mix all the qualities of a good film effectively. The setting, costumes, and direction of a film should be appropriate. Sound in a film should be made in such a way that it does not interfere with the enjoyment and distraction of the audience. The current paper seeks to explore the setting, costumes, direction, photography, and sound in the film, The Butler, to show the manner in which these elements have been used to make the film effective.

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Setting, Costumes, and Makeup

The film, The Butler, is acted in a state house set up. The costumes in the film are appropriate, in the film; the people who work in the state house are smartly dressed in suits. The police officers are seen in their uniforms. The costumes help in creating reality in the film and understanding the characters better. In the film, one can realize that those who work in the high ranking offices and the presidential escorts normally wear suits. The setting, costumes and makeup help in bringing out the actual message of the film clearly.


All the parts of the film work well together. All the actors in the film work together with an aim of bringing out the general themes of the film. The film shows the life of a butler who has worked in the state house for three decades and how his life and that of his family is affected. The director of the film would have made the film better if the director could have reduced the frustrations that are consistently shown in Cecil’s life. Most parts of the film are natural apart from the actions like that where a bus of the freedom riders is stopped, where Louis was among them, the bus is overtaken by a Ku Klux Klan, and in this situation we see a member of the freedom riders tossing a Molotov cocktail into the vehicle. The camera angles are appropriate, and the director was able to rely on the message well to the audience. Screen direction in film means the direction in which the actors and objects appear to be moving on the screen normally from the point of view. The direction in the film is effective and if I were the director I could not have changed the direction of the film.


The movement of the camera is accurate. It adds a lot to the film hence making it more effective. The special effects in the film are effective since they are not too many, and this helps in bringing the film close to reality. I did not see anything that did not make sense in the film everything made sense to me. Photography in the film is accurate, and it has taken into consideration all the features of an effective photographer.


The film has a smooth flow of events from the beginning to the end. The transition from one scene to the next is smooth, and it does not interfere with the viewer, but it makes the viewer understand the film even better. The director places emphasis on the nature of performance and concentrates more on Cecil. The director of the film has a great ability to lead most of his actors into unbridled areas. The film has been edited in a way that ensures that there are no petty mistakes that might distract the viewer from enjoying.


The sound in the film has added in making the film more effective. It has made the film seem to be real. The music makes the film seem real since the tone of the music changes according to the events that are taking place. The music in the film did not interrupt my enjoyment, but it made me enjoy the film more. Therefore, I could have used the same music if I were the director of the film. The sound is quite engaging and every viewer can relate it with the various events taking place at every scene. Therefore, it can be concluded that the director chose the sound that is quite relevant with the various themes of the film.


The director of the film the Butler has managed to mix all the factors appropriately to bring out the message effectively. The sound, costume, setting, photography, and editing in the film Butler have contributed to a great extent in bringing out the message. Therefore, the film has managed to bring the intended message.

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