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Visual Aids

During presentations, visual aids are very important especially when you want to catch the audience’s attention. This is especially if you are advertising a new product in the market. A visual aid which people can touch and hold is the best as it adds interest and a person feels as if he/she is holding the actual product. The audience will remember your presentation actually through what they see than through listening to you as a presenter. Generally, visual aids have a feel, physical presence, sometimes smell and texture which creates a powerful and memorable metaphor. An example of a good visual aid is a photograph. This is more appealing if the presentation is about a new product. A photograph of a product will aid the audience to create a clear image of what they expect when they go into the market to look for that product.

Display of GNLD Products in a PowerPoint Presentation

An example of such a photograph is a display of GNLD products in a PowerPoint presentation. This will aid me in presenting all the products without skipping any of them. When doing a presentation, I will use such a photograph to tell the audience about both the health and nutritional value of that product. This is because people are now worried about their health bearing in mind many life threatening diseases such as cancer are believed to have been caused by our lifestyle.

In addition, this photograph displays all the products that are targeted to different age groups hence it will catch the attention of many people from young to old. The photograph when well magnified will enhance the audience to grasp the nutritional requirements that have been written on the package of that product. This will ease my presentation as much of the information the audience may like to know is well displayed on the packaging material.

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