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Conformity is the alteration that one takes in his behavior because of real or probable influence of people around him. On the other hand, obedience is the ability of a person to follow the rules and regulations in any society. These two aspects are very important in making the society a better place to live in. Obedience and conformity help keep the society in an organized manner because it entails following the rules, hence no chaos and anarchy. This means that the society will be peaceful, and people will engage in productive activities that will help them to improve their well-being. Also, the society can benefit economically because the children will grow up imitating the elderly and if their behaviors are proper then the young children will follow their footsteps, hence creating harmony and hard work where culture passes from one generation to the other without problems (Blass, 2000).

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The society also benefits because conformity and obedience to the rules and regulations reduce the rates of crimes within the society making it a safe place where endowments prosper and people get the chance to explore their talents. However, there are problems associated with conformity and obedience in the society. This is in a result of a blind conformity and obedience where people lose their individuality in the process of following the stipulated rules and doing everything that others do hence losing their individuality. The mental capabilities of people who have had the habit of conforming to what others do and being obedient is low. This means that the society is at risk if their minds are manipulated into criminal actions. The person becomes helpless and cannot do anything on his own (Mueller, 1987).


Persuasion involves actions that can change the attitudes of a person towards a certain thing or person. The research on persuasion shows that the minds of consumers can easily change their attitudes towards certain products with the use of proper methods of persuasion. The behavior of consumers can change with the use of proper messages that improve the processing capacities of their minds by using a message that increases their exposure, attention towards the subject matter, and the use of good elaborations. In order to achieve this, use of reciprocate methods will help to build a trusting relationship with the consumers, hence make it easier to persuade them. Consistency also plays a key role in persuading the consumers.

Milgram Experiments

Being in the Milgram experiments would have been a difficult thing because I would not have completed the maximum voltage test for fear of hurting the other person and inflicting pain upon him or her. Just like the other in the experiment, I would not have gone beyond 200 volts for fear of hurting another person. This is because deep inside human beings fear giving in totally to the authority figure, hence reaches a level where they stop being obedient and choose other alternatives. My reaction would have been guilt if I went through to the maximum 450 volts and feeling silly after the results are out because I would realize that I could not be obedient to the very end (Wickert, 1940).

The society plays a key role in shaping the behaviors of its members and good leaders come from societies that have a good environment to nature the leadership skills in a person. The effectiveness in performance of a leader and the group members depend on the support they get and the actions they take to build cohesion. Moreover, the society plays the role of improving effective leadership and group work by providing a platform where the leaders can nurture their talents. This is by providing the leaders and team members with a good influence to guide them on the best courses of action to take as leaders. The other way of improving effective leadership is by motivating the young people to take consol of their lives and explore their leadership talents. This way it can identify young people with leadership skills and talents and look for ways to improve them by either delegating some roles to help them put their skills into practice.

Interpersonal Attraction

Interpersonal attraction may affect to some extent the way we view a person on the first encounter. This is because of the knowledge we develop on interpersonal attraction. However, it can never reach a point where we can accurately predict the extent to which we will love or like a person. This is because people change and as human beings, our feelings towards things keep changing depending on the circumstances.

The reality shows on the TV has a huge impact on a person’s life depending on how they take the message passed across. Personally, I have no objection to people watching reality shows as long as a person keeps in mind that it is all about the drama and not idolizing the characters. This is because I keep in mind that whatever comes on in the shows is not a true picture of what really goes on in the real life. The reality shows can have a positive impact on the society if people just take the message and avoid trying to emulate everything they see on the shows (Mueller, 1987).

Parenting entails making decisions that will help to shape the future of your child and this can be either positively or negatively. Therefore, a parent needs to make a choice on how best to raise the child. The parent can know the behaviors to reinforce on the child by use of proper communication with the child to determine what they think or feel about something and the attitude of the child towards people and other things around them. One can also consult with other parents with experience to help make the right choices. The norms and cultures in the society also help to determine the right course of actions.

I am an introvert because I tend to keep to myself a lot and I feel shy in the company of new people. Whenever I am in a group I do not have the courage to speak out strongly on topics of discussion, and I feel out of place most of the times. However, when I am alone I can do many constructive things that I am not able to perform in front of other people. 

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