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The successful dissertation literature review will contrast and compare the various authors’ perspectives on a given issue and will group those authors who come to similar conclusions. It will talk about the methodology used and note the specific areas in which the authors are in disagreement, if they are at all. This can be difficult for a student to accomplish without the professional assistance offered by

The literature review also highlights studies on the topic that are exemplary and it points out any gaps or faults in the research. The literature review explains how the writer relates his/her dissertation study to previous studies that have been conducted on the same topic. It also shows how this study relates to the literature in a general way. The conclusion of the literature review should summarize the general message of the literature.

The objective of the person who writes the literature review should be to limit and define the problem that is being addressed in the research. It should also place the writer's study within a historical perspective. It is important to avoid any unnecessary duplication while it evaluates any research methods that are promising. It should also relate the writer's findings to those found in previous literature and make suggestions for further research.

Ideally, the perfect literature review will address any literature that is written on the topic, identify its various areas of controversy, if they exist, and raise any questions about this issue. It should also identify those areas that could benefit by more research. 

The structure of the literature review depends a great deal on the writer's research area or thesis. Varying opinions of different authors should be grouped together by topic to help organize the writer's thoughts. It is important not to simply discuss what one author says and then go on to do the same with regard to another writer. The structure of the section should be more focused on topical areas, questions and/or controversial issues and the other author's approaches and theories about those things.

It is important that the writer of a literature review use linking words, especially when grouping together various authors who have similar opinions about the research. Using such words as also, in addition to, similarly and again is a good way to link sentences. If a disagreement is being addressed, the writer should clearly indicate that he/she is aware of this by using such words or phrases as on the other hand, however, conversely and nevertheless.

The final part of the review should summarize the implications of the literature and link the main question or the hypothesis. The professional editors and writers at can make sure that all of these important details are included in one's literature review. They can do so at a comparatively cheap price. There is really no reason not to call on us for assistance.

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