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  • Are you a graduate level student who requires that your dissertation be perfect?
  • Do you need proofreading for your thesis or dissertation?
  • Are you a student who speaks English as a second language?
  • Do you need an expert to ensure all citation styles are error-free? offers a professional proofreading service for students at any level of their academic careers. Whether you are a beginning freshman or a senior who is writing a dissertation, expert proofreaders with superior skills can help you get a higher score!

Professional Dissertation Editing

Are you in a rush? We have editors on duty that can begin work on editing your dissertation right away! We understand that a senior dissertation, in most cases, is the single most important document of a student's academic years. It makes perfect sense to hire a professional editor to make certain that it is in tip top shape before it is defended before a dissertation committee. The expert editors at have many years of experience doing this type of specialized editing. They know what to look for and how to correct mistakes. They understand that dissertation is crucial to student’s success.

The most vital element in any dissertation is that the writer conveys his/her overall argument as clearly and concisely as possible. Professional editing is necessary to assure that the student's attempts to do this are successful. Our editors know exactly what to do to assist students in conveying the exact messages that they want to get across to their dissertation committees by making their papers easier to read, as one paragraph logically leads to the next. This takes great skill and concentration, both of which our professional editors possess. 

Once a dissertation has been edited by editing staff, the customer may feel confident that he/she will do well. We make certain that this happens.

Perfect Results

At, we guarantee that every dissertation will be without errors after we review it. Our money-back guarantee assures our customers that we will provide them with 100% perfect proofreading and editing services. We will resolve any issues that may occur or refund the customer's money.

Affordable Pricing for All Our Customers!

The proofreading and editing services offered by the staff are much more than a simple grammar check. We go to great depths to make certain that each and every detail is exactly as it should be. Our prices are quite affordable as well. A dissertation that contains more than 75 pages is edited at rock bottom prices. We ask that our customers fill out our Proofreading and Editing Quote Form. We will respond with a realistic quote and pricing information within hours.

Along with our editing and proofreading services, offers an efficient, low cost formatting service. Using this service guarantees that every customer's work looks exactly as it should look. Our staff provides text formatting, chart and table labeling, page numbering and all of the other elements that go into making an academic paper perfect. Dissertation committees and professors pay close attention to formatting details. It is important that students check them correctly before handing in their papers. makes sure that everything is picture perfect, each and every time.

Combinations of Services Offered

Our customers may choose which combinations of our services are best suited to their individual needs. For example, if a student requires both editing and proofreading, we provide appropriate level of service to accommodate this. If the student needs only proofreading, with editing for only certain sections of a dissertation, we can do this as well. Whatever the combination of services the student needs is the exact combination of services that we will give him/her.

Our editors can perfectly review APA and MLA citation styles of any paper, among others, and also check and correct all references and citations. If a particular university department requires that students use a specific style guide, we can ensure that the dissertation complies with it. We ask the customer to provide us with a copy of the style guide that is to be used. Additionally, our editors have the capability to edit in the style of English used for the assignment, be it American, British, Canadian, Australian, or any other type of English. We also offer a Double Editing Option, in which customers may request a team of two individual editors to proofread and edit a dissertation. Our customers love the many choices they are given when they do business with!

Fast Turnaround Time!

Our customers use the highest quality, fast, efficient editing services. Our editors can meet any reasonable requested turnaround time. They begin editing duties as soon as an order has been placed.

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Please let us demonstrate our amazing editing and proofreading capabilities by providing you with a free trial editing of a part of your academic paper. Note how well our editors find all grammatical errors and other problems and how well they can improve your paper's readability.

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Please contact our customer service department and allow us to provide you with a detailed quote. Simply tell us what your requirements are, and we will guarantee full customer satisfaction with our proofreading and editing services offered at prices that you can afford.

One Last Thing...

At, we understand that our customers are often faced with tight deadlines. We make certain that our service is speedy, but the quality of the work is never compromised. Try our services today. You will be glad that you did it!