dissertation/thesis process is now fully digitized. We believe that digitization has greatly improved the quality of our services. Electronic Theses and Dissertations have the benefit of being more available and much easier to access. One can explore more types of materials at a reduced cost. Graduate schools and university libraries do not require bound paper dissertations or theses since digital versions have become mainstream.

The student and the advisory committee assume sole responsibility for the content of any student's thesis or dissertation. The student is responsible for presenting these documents in their correct styles and formatting as defined by the graduate school.  Graduate schools set their particular guidelines into place to assist students with writing their documents more efficiently and effectively. They are revised periodically, so students should exercise caution and assure that they are working on the most up-to-date versions. Most schools offer guidelines for download in PDF form on the majority of university web servers.

It is the goal of to assist students in producing exemplary writing papers while charging prices that students can afford. We are happy to work with any student throughout the entire process and allow his/her input and ideas. We receive hundreds of emails and letters each week that proclaim how valuable help was in the overall Thesis writing process.

Please contact one of our customer service representatives for further details about how we can assist you with, perhaps, the most important documents of your entire education. Our competent, well-educated writers are knowledgeable enough to create the perfect, high quality thesis or dissertation to help you meet your educational goals. We keep our prices as low as possible so that any student who needs our assistance can afford it. 

A thesis or dissertation denotes the culmination of years of training, research, and writing. It represents the student for many years after he/she has graduated. Although reputed as the most difficult writing task, dissertation writing is not entirely unrelated to other academic writing that students do throughout their graduate careers. The majority of the skills a given student already possesses can be applied to this particular writing process. It includes identifying the overall purpose of one's project, expresses its significance, sets goals, and maintains strong organization that helps the student as he/she develops a dissertation or thesis that is of high quality.

Here are Some Ideas that Can Help in Writing one's Thesis or Dissertation:

  • The writer should try to attend one or more dissertation defenses prior to his/her own to be better prepared and know more about what to expect. While in attendance, it is important to note how the defense proceeds and what is expected of the student. It can be helpful to take notes for later review before one defends his/her own dissertation.
  • One should attempt to focus on the interactions that occur during the defense, how the questions are asked, and how the student responds.   
  • It is a good idea to seek out opportunities to discuss one's research with other students who have defended their own dissertations.
  • One should strive to make a dissertation defense more of a team effort between student and committee, rather than thinking of it as an individual endeavor. The committee may offer suggestions and criticisms that can be useful to the student. It is important to retain an open mind during this process. The student should be attentive and let the committee know that he/she is listening and considering what they have to say.
  •  One should stick to the facts throughout the defense and not give personal opinions. Do not be personally defensive.
  • The opening remarks are among the most important ones. One should not comment with an assumption that the committee has necessarily read the entire dissertation.

Perhaps the wisest move a student can make is to consult with the editors at prior to defending dissertation. Our editors can make certain that everything is in order so the student can stand before the committee with complete confidence.