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If you do not know how to write a hypothesis, let's start by defining it. A hypothesis is a proposed scientific explanation for a particular behavior or phenomena based on the limited amount of information that you have on the topic. The research study seeks to determine whether there is any validity to your hypothesis. 

When Writing a Hypothesis, there are Four Common Types to Choose from:

  • A research hypothesis seeks to demonstrate that a relationship exists;
  • A null hypothesis seeks to demonstrate that a relationship does not exist;
  • A one-tailed hypothesis provides clarification for a direction (increase/decrease);
  • A two-tailed hypotheses do not provide clarification for a direction, just a change.

The formulation of a hypothesis is a necessary first step before you even begin doing the research. You would want to come up with testable questions and assumptions that you will test out through collecting and analyzing data. As you write a hypothesis for dissertation you should make sure the question or statement is clear and concise. When you buy a dissertation hypothesis online using our hypothesis writing service, your professional expert will develop an interesting and relevant question or problem statement worthy of examination.

Tips for Developing a Great Hypothesis

If you want to have a career in academia, it all starts with learning how to conduct research. As a master's or PhD candidate, your paper demonstrates that you are able to successfully create and carry out a study that contributes to your field of study and, indeed, scholarly research more broadly speaking. When thinking about your hypothesis, keep these suggestions in mind:

  1. The hypothesis can only be used to test quantitative research since qualitative research cannot be tested.  
  2. A relationship must be established between the hypothesis and the objectives of your research.
  3. Your hypothesis should be realistic and something that can be verified through statistical data. 
  4. You must always include both null and alternative hypotheses as well. 
  5. Keep the hypothesis clear and to the point. If you write one that is too long or contains too much description, the reader will have a difficult time understanding it.
  6. Be mindful of your word choices. The evidence that you uncover can be used to support or reject your hypothesis, but avoid using statements like “prove” since, even if your hypothesis has evidence to back it up, it cannot be proven definitively. So instead, use expressions like the results “indicate” or “demonstrate.” 

Dissertation Hypothesis Samples:

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