Master’s Thesis: Learn Core Tips on Successful Writing

A Master’s thesis is written under strict supervision of a faculty member who agrees to become your thesis advisor. As such, it is important to find your thesis supervisor before you choose the topic of your thesis. Preferably, it should be a person you find comfortable to cooperate with. At this point, please consider that your academic supervisor is not obliged to be available for consultation 24/7. Professors usually have numerous other responsibilities, so be ready to work individually and only seek professional help or advice from your supervisor only when you really need it and cannot cope with some writing or research aspect on your own.

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Having written the Master’s thesis, you will have to defend it by presenting your research findings to the committee. Normally, the committee consists of three professors from the faculty. One of them may be even from some other department. It is important to maintain contact not only with your academic advisor but with the rest of the committee as well and keep them informed when you finish your writing and plan your thesis presentation. Resulting from the defense, your thesis may be either approved or not. Keep in mind that you will have to present the whole text of your theses a few days or weeks prior to the oral defense since the committee members should have enough time to read it.

What is a Master’s Thesis?

You must surely be interested in “What is a Master’s thesis?” if you plan to write one shortly. A Master’s thesis is an academic paper that is written for the defense of a Master’s degree. One of the main requirements is to make the thesis original in content. As a rule, Master’s thesis papers are written under the supervision of an academic advisor. This paper can be a kind of preparation for a Doctoral thesis with the only difference that the Master’s thesis is shorter and more succinct. Frankly speaking, a Master’s thesis resembles one long academic article whereas a PhD thesis looks like three such articles in length. One of the main requirements of a Master’s thesis is that it should bring some novelty on the given subject and should be argumentative in nature. Strong supporting evidence is encouraged.

How Long is a Master’s Thesis?

One of the most frequently asked questions among students writing a Master’s degree thesis is, “How long should a Master’s thesis be?” According to the accepted standards, a Master’s thesis should range from 40 to 80 pages in length, not counting the reference page or bibliography and the cover page. Overall, the length depends on the topic, the research design, and the methodology applied. To find out what Master’s thesis length is appropriate for your paper, you need to consult with your faculty members.

Selecting a Topic for Your Master’s Degree Thesis

Writing a Master’s thesis should begin with topic selection. This process may be time-consuming as a student has to weigh all the pros and cons of a certain topic and be sure that it is possible to demonstrate all the knowledge and skills acquired during the process of studying a specific course. As such, the very first step may be to write down potential research topics and probably then consult with the academic supervisor and choose the best one.

What is a Thesis Paper for Master’s Degree? Core Criteria for Writing

A properly written Master’s thesis should demonstrate in-depth understanding a student has gained throughout the process of studying a particular discipline. Moreover, a student should clearly demonstrate competence in writing as well as practical critical and analytical skills. The main aim of presenting a Master’s degree paper is to demonstrate that a student can provide a full and thorough research on one of the topics in the subject realm and that he/she knows how to cite a Master’s thesis. Besides, a student should be well-versed in applying appropriate methodology and research analysis. What is even more important, a successfully written thesis is an indication that a student can carry out an independent and in-depth research by leaning on the expert studies.

How to Write a Master’s Thesis

It is essential to have in-depth knowledge in how to write a Master’s thesis if you want to pass the defense with flying colors. One of the ways to gain more information on thesis paper writing is to find some Master’s thesis examples on the net. Still, you cannot always rely on a Master’s thesis example found somewhere online as it may not be reliable and credible. If you do not have the faintest idea how to properly write a Master’s thesis, you may easily come across some unreliable resources.

One of the fundamentals how to write a successful thesis is to start it with a Master’s thesis outline. It will provide a backbone for your paper and help you be more organized when writing and developing the study. As such, make sure to have the following constituents in your APA citation Master’s thesis

  • Introduction. Here you should provide the aim and objectives for your research as well as provide the background summary of what the research is about. Make sure to define the core concepts and key terms and provide theoretical background for your study. The transition between the introduction and the main research body should be literature review.
  • Literature review. In this section, you focus on discussion, critical analysis, and evaluation of the sources that you have chosen for your research. As a rule, all of those sources should be cited in text and used as supporting evidence for your arguments and claims.
  • Research methods. Here you should define the main methods you have chosen and explain why they are significant.
  • Analysis and discussion. Here you should report on the findings you got after conducting your research. The findings may be presented in form of a discussion, graphs, tables or diagrams depending on the paper topic. It is crucial to analyze strengths and weaknesses of the study and pinpoint to its limitations.
  • Conclusion. Here you need to sum up the main findings and highlights the significance of the research you have conducted.

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