An abstract is presented to readers after the dissertation title page. It entails the complete overview of the work. The dissertation abstract observes certain conventions about the formatting and length that can vary from university to university. The finished abstract should have approximately two single spaced pages in 12 pt. font and standard margins. It is important that the abstract not exceed two pages, even by one or two lines. 

Dissertation abstracts come in two commonly used forms and a third one that is less commonly used. The first two are informative and descriptive dissertation abstracts and the third, less common type, is the critical dissertation abstract. The descriptive type serves the purpose of an outline. It presents readers with a skeleton of the main thesis ideas and also includes the scope of the research and the methodology used. These types of abstracts do not attempt to provide any conclusions about the work.

Taken one step further, the informative abstract presents a truncated version of the dissertation's arguments. It also includes a summary of all evidence that supports the arguments presented in the dissertation. 

The first couple of paragraphs in a dissertation abstract should offer a general overview of the dissertation project being addressed. They should cover the project methods, its issues, stakes, contexts and other relevant work. These paragraphs should not reproduce any sentence or paragraph that is contained in the dissertation itself.

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