Progressive delivery of papers entails receiving short paper sections of a large paper (20+ for double spacing and 10+ for single spacing) throughout the writing process. This exclusive service allows the customer to track the progress of paper

The Service has the Following Advantages:

  1. A client monitors the process of paper writing. In other words, he/ she is sure that the paper is not written overnight. Besides, when receiving paper drafts, a customer can provide the assigned writer with remarks regarding the paper content and general layout before the deadline expiry.
  2. A client is granted 30 days of free revision (whereas our company gives only 2 days of free revision for short papers).
  3. Upon placing the order, the customer is assigned only the best writers and editors.
  4. A client can enjoy cooperation with his/ her personal manager, who also monitors the writing process and assists during the communication process between the customer and writer.

The Procedure of Getting Drafts:

The number of drafts and their frequency depend on the order urgency. For example, if the paper urgency is less than 4 days, the client receives only one draft that contains 25% of the total paper volume. As a rule, the draft is sent after 50% of the deadline has expired.

If the paper urgency is 5-11 days, a client gets two drafts during the writing process: the first one contains 25% of the total paper content and is sent within 25% of the deadline and the second one – 50% of the total volume and is sent within 50% the deadline.

If the urgency for the order is more than 12 days, the assigned writer is supposed to send three drafts:

  • 1st draft – 25% of the total paper volume (sent after 25% of the deadline has passed);
  • 2nd draft – 50% of the total paper volume (sent 50% the deadline has expired);
  • 3rd draft – 75%of the total paper volume (sent after 75% of the deadline is over).

This service costs extra 15% to the general paper price.

*If the client wants to change the procedure of receiving orders, he/ she might address personal manager regarding this issue and discuss other available options. 

Supplementary Services for Short Orders (under 20 pages)

1-page Paper Summary

Summary is included into the list of additional services that our company offers to the customers. To put it short, the whole paper is summed up in 300 words. This supplementary service comes in handy for those who need to deliver a report or a presentation on the paper and focus on its main aspects. 


To make sure that the assigned writer is moving in the right direction with the paper topic, a client may order an additional draft service. After 50% of deadline expiration, a customer will get a 300-word double-spaced or 600-word single-spaced draft. 

Extended Revision

We provide a free service of revision applications within 48 days after the deadline. With this supplementary service, you will be able to apply for a free revision even 14 days after the deadline.