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During the last decade the movies has been showing the scare of Apocalypse in mind of the people. Some of such thoughts of fear came out from the analysis of the written about in the biblical book of revelation, others due to Mayan calendar that ends at 21st December 2012. Moreover rise in natural calamities like hurricanes in United States, the rise of Volcanoes eruption in Hawaii, the increase in Tsunami in the Indian and Pacific Ocean has resulted in the development of fear in the minds of the people regarding the end of the world. This all has resulted in the making of the movies like 2012, the day after tomorrow, Resident Evil, The day when the earth stood still and many more.

During the earlier days the movies of the fear of the God like there will be Omen for the coming destruction in near future, the rise of the Evil and its encounter with the Good forces of the earth. Such kind of movies was very prevalent in the past. The examples of such movies are The Omen (2006 film) which is a remake of The Omen of 1976 made by Richard Donner’s, The Exorcist (1973 film) which was based on the novel of Peter Blatty, and made by William Friedkin and many more.

Let’s have a narratives, codes and representations of such horror movies that has been playing with our mind regarding the question of presence of god on earth, his powers and limitations and the role of Evil in destabilizing the whole format.

The Omen (2006 Film)

The Omen also known as Omen 666 movie is based on the birth of an Evil child who’s mother died on Childbirth. He was later adopted by Robert Thorn (the pivot of the movie) to save her wife from the anguish of her died son, soon after birth. But soon after a series of scary events that happens in the life of the couple forces them to decide on the ill fate of their new child. The events like the death of the nanny on the birthday party of the boy, the alert signs in the dreams of the wife of Robert Thorn and the precautions given by the pope. The movie ends with the death of the wife and later Robert Thorn himself on their attempt to end the life of their son who was discovered as son of Evil.

The Exorcist (1973 Film)

The Exorcist is a horror movie based on the novel named “The Exorcist” written by William Peter Blatty in year 1971. The story starts at the excavation site where in Father Lankester Merrin finds a silver Roman Catholic Medallion along with a small stone with a bestial creature picture buried on it. Later he meets a person Chris MacNeil ( pivot of the movie) who finds strange changes in his 12 year daughter. These strange changes are followed by the violent bed shaking, change of voice of the daughter, strange noises from her room and finally unexplained movement throughout the house. After checking through all medical facilities and getting no sign of disease, Chris MacNeil takes his daughter case to an Exorcist. He meets Karras an Exorcist and a psychiatrist. Karras first tries to help her thinking that the girl is suffering from psycho problems but soon he discovers his calculations wrong. He then refers the girl to the experienced Exorcist Merrin who in the start found a silver Roman Catholic Medallion. Both the Exorcist tries their best to take out the demon from the girl. During these attempts Merrin dies of heart attack and Kara takes the demon inside him and jumps through the window and gives away his life to save the daughter of Chris MacNeil.

Evil Resident(2002 Film)

Resident Evil 2002 was the first installment of the horror movie directed by Paul W.S.Anderson. The story starts with the Alice( the pivot of the movie), whose life was changed due to T-virus that infected all human beings. In the Raccoon city every single person was getting infected with the T-virus a sort of genetically constructed mutating virus acting as an apocalypse, making the living turn into a blood hungry undead beings. After infection every infected human try to bite the normal human to become his type. Thus story consists of the events how Alice fights back all the infected humans and tries to save her and her friends life from them. The anti-virus is found as an antidote and Alice tries to save lives and even fight back the Umbrella scientists and commandos who were the root cause of the spread of such disease but was overpowered. Later after awakening with no memory, she succeeds in escaping from the Raccoon hospital facility and arms herself to take revenge.

2012 (2009 Film)

2012 is a science fiction disaster movie based on the end of the world. This movie is directed by Roland Emmerich in 2009. In this movie an American geologist Adrian Helmsley (the pivot of the movie) visits astrophysicist in India who together are working on the solar and other natural changes that are happening around the world. They soon find out that these can be signs of the end of the world or may be start of a new era. Later Adrian tries to keep his thoughts and warn the higher authorities in the United States but in vain. The result is that even after warnings from the scientist no preparation is made. Hence the outcome is death and destruction throughout the planet. Later it is found out that through a secret plan a group of elite of 4 million people from around the world are selected to board on an Ark from Cho Ming in Tibet. Thus the movie depicts the series of natural disaster events happening around the world. The Earth is taken over by floods and finally when flood water of the Tsunami recedes the Ark finds them at Cape of Good Hope where the shape of the world has already changed.


From the above movies, it is easily seen that the dimension of thoughts about fear of Evil taking over the earth in the movie The Omen and The Exorcist has shifted first to happening of Apocalypse with outbreak of human life threatening virus through the movie The Resident Evil and then shifting to the End of the world with the movie 2012, where in natural calamities rise to end the human race and start the new world from the beginning.

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Thus in the end we can say that the fear of ending the world is living in mind of every single person. But hardly anyone knows how it may happen. The only thing that is changing is the views of the people about the end of the world. That is in the earlier days Demon was feared as it could enter any body, later human development was feared with spread of a virus and finally the natural disaster that could bring Tsunami, rise volcanoes, earthquakes etc. Thus through these ideas of the ending the world, we can safely assume our fate through these movies and get a good time pass.

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