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At present time, there are quite a lot of means and methods of defining ethics reasoning, and a considerable part of them is somehow connected with modern technical features that are presented in particular using the methods of explaining why some devices for engineers do not work. This is primarily due to the fact that mankind in the last century made a huge leap in the development of science and technology that has opened up new vistas for human activity. So the emergence and development of digital and computer technologies, and subsequently the mass distribution of personal computers, discovered a new kind of interaction in the field of "human-computer", and the calculator is somehow a

In this paper, it will be discussed the topic related to the ethics concerning the issues with calculator display errors. Relevance of the topic is chosen due to the need of studying the perspectives of resolving these problems, because this type of ethical reasoning becomes more important and is becoming one of the main types of solving the problems when addressing the manufacturer concerning this problem.


The study selected in the context of this topic assumes to achieve the main goal - to examine how the problem can be solved by all the available means, when addressing the manufacturer. According to the specific purpose of the set topic is to solve the following problems:

  • explore the concept and organization of the features of the problems and of the features of the calculator display that experience to have errors in display;
  • reveal the aspects of the problem and its essence, to define its basic form;
  • analyze the resulting material, draw the necessary conclusions and to reflect them in this paper.

The selected topic has been studied using the following methods:

  • consideration of theoretical aspects of the topic chosen;
  • practical study materials online - sites;
  • analysis of materials , findings and conclusions.

Theoretical Review

As a theoretical basis of the study the works by famous authors, such as Miller, Paul & Elder, etc. were used and interpreted from a modern point of view. In these books, the authors analyzed communication via Internet, and a great emphasis on studying the ways of such communication (e-mail, forums, chats, etc.). In preparing of these works some theoretical, practical and analytical materials, as well as Internet sources were used.

Some other works were significant in the process of writing of this research, including works in ethical reasoning to provide rationale issues related (Fleddermann, 2011; Harris, 2008; Martin, 2004; Van de Poel & Royakkers, 2011, etc.). The works in computing technology were used, including researches by Williams (1997) and Marguin (1994). These works are based on the contemporary findings and results. 

Ethics in Engineering

It should be noted that a number of characteristics are done via communication. It is always possible o reach good results when addressing the manufacturer of calculators when some problems in displaying info occur. Firstly, the possibility of simultaneous communication of a large number of people in different parts of the world, and therefore, living in different crops; secondly, the inability to use mostly non-verbal means of communication and self-presentation; Third, poor emotional component of communication; and fourthly, the anonymity and psychological risk reduction in the communication process. These characteristics lead to the development of new forms and styles of interaction and the emergence of a kind of etiquette.

So, these are some recommendations of how to improve skills in communication and solving problems:

  1. If you address the manufacturer via Internet, remember the person! Do not forget that even the dead through the web and stuffed with electronics computer you are dealing with a real person, and often - with many people simultaneously. Do not allow yourself to befuddle the atmosphere of anonymity and permissiveness - remember that on the other end of the same people, just like you. Writing an e-mail message, imagine that all this tell the person straight in the face - and try to while you were not ashamed of his words.
  2. Follow the web to the same rules that you follow in real life. Violation of the laws of human communication, moral rules or norms of social life Network may be held for you and relatively unpunished, but will at the same time clean your conscience?
  3. Remember that you are in cyberspace! Its boundaries are much better than the usual boundaries us human society and its different parts can operate its own laws. Therefore, when faced with a new way of communication for you on the web, learn its laws and accept their priority. For example, in any newsgroup, forum or even have their own channel, local rules - read them before sending your first message! And most importantly - remember the unwritten rules.
  4. Please respect the time and other people's opinions! Ask for help only when you really need it - and in this case, you can always count on the help and support of your colleagues. However, do not pull other users on trifles - otherwise, in the end, you just stop communication.
  5. Try to look decent in the eyes of his companions! Do not save your time on the "conventional" type of good manners, or, say, the rules of grammar and spelling. Even sincere compliments lose weight and credibility, being embodied in the grammar and spelling wrong and incorrect form.
  6. Do not ignore the advice of experts and share your knowledge with others! Be grateful to those who spend their time answering your questions. But also, having received a letter with a question from another user, do not rush to send this message to the trash, no matter how ridiculous and naive it may seem to you.
  7. Be tolerant of the shortcomings of those around you! Do not look at it, or do not comply with your interlocutors rules of netiquette, observe them yourself! In the end, very politely recommend interlocutor familiar with these rules.  If following these rules, it would be possible to solve problems with manufacturer of calculators very fast, and they would more likely to realize that they are those who created this problem.

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The graph shows the occurrence of the error probability in calculators. The blue line of the graph shows x-bar and the red line – m1, which are the results of two experiments with calculator errors. They are compared and the results are shown in this graph. The green field on the graph shows the result of this comparison. The conclusion is that the higher probability density is caused by not only technical or producing issues, but also by the manual factors and reasons.

When considering the probability of the calculator display error, it should be noted that any type of error on display can be caused only by technical matters, and it depends from how manufacturers are ready to deal with the problems and how fast they are ready to solve these problems.

The development of the global information and communications technology is currently very dynamic, and their opportunities for society and the economy are just beginning to be used on a large scale. So, two or three years engineers faced with the problems to feel like not that important in the world like they were before. The great amounts of information processes changed how people can manage to work more and more to reach success. People no longer go to libraries, and they are working by just getting access to computer networks.


After providing the research on this matter, it turns possible to draw the following conclusions about how to deal with manufacturers of calculators that display errors if they occur more and more practically:

  • Address the manufacturer directly and ask them to solve problems as soon as it possible by all available means.
  • If calculators of this manufacturer are bought for every office worker, and many devices are bought, and problem is still not solved, it is reasonable to demand refund for these calculators.
  • If no refund, it is reasonable to start a law suit.

The only one thing is clear that errors in calculator display may happen from time to time in any device, and it is reasonable to monitor these issues regularly to avoid some inconveniences in future. Office workers should remember how they can solve problems in alternative ways. For example, if calculators are out of work, it would be reasonable to employ other devices like personal computer. From the modern perspective, it is clear that personal computer is less likely to display any error, due to its technical features. So, it is much better to use PC in engineering when providing any calculations for work activioties.

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