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Analyzing the musical “Hairspray” there is a good chance to see the list of songs and their meaning for the idea of the play in general and every detail in particular. The first song that is used during the prologue is “Good Morning Baltimore”. This song as well as all the rest songs of this musical is written by great composer Marc Shaiman and writer Scott Wittman.

Song about Baltimore introduces the main character of the musical – Tracy Turnblad. The onlookers can see that she enjoys dancing and her cherished dream is to become famous.

"Nicest Kid in Town" is meant to be about the best dancing show in their area and Tracy sings it together with her best friend – Penny.

Meaning that girls want to participate in audition for the dancing show and argue with their mothers about it the song "Mama, I'm a big girl now" is used.

"I can hear the Bells" is the song that shows all girlish dreams about the future that Tracy would like to have with the charming boy Link Larkin.  

"(The Legend) of Miss Baltimore Crabs" depicts the issues of racism that occur towards Tracy and other girl, because of their size and skin color respectively.

The next song "The Madison" is about the process of dancing at the audition for Corny Collins group during which Tracy succeeds with the help of performing new moves and gets a place in the dancing show – "Nicest Kid in Town". The song "It takes two" was sung by Link especially for Tracy, what makes Amber jealous of Tracy.

“Velma’s Revenge” is about Velma’s plan to make Tracy’s life and participating in the show terrible.

The next is "Welcome to the Sixties" representing Tracy’s mother that comes out their house the first time in many years to act as her daughter’s agent.

"Run and tell that" depicts all the girls while they have a party at record shop.

During the march on the Mother-Daughter day almost all participants of which become arrested thanks to Velma’s call to the police, sounds a song "Big Blonde and Beautiful".

After that begins the second act of the musical. During the second act the next songs are presented: "The Big Doll House" – the beginning song that shows all the women arrested and sitting together locked in the prison camera.

Then sounds the song "Good Morning Baltimore" during which Tracy is the only one who stays jailed and waiting for Link to come and rescue her.

"Timeless to me" means the recollections of Tracy’s parents about their life and love earlier. Finally, Link comes to see Tracy in jail as well as another couple – Penny and Seaweed, this action takes place while the song "Without Love" sounds.

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"I Know Where I've Been" means the long fight that one of the characters had to lead during certain period of time and it depicts the fight against the Collins show closing.

After that the song "Hairspray" is sung to describe the competition of Hairspray teenage hairstyles during the dancing show representation.

The song "Cooties" presents Amber’s trying to get the bigger amount of votes during the hairstyle competition.

The final song is "You Can't Stop The Beat" during which Link and Tracy kiss and establish their relationship. In general this musical shows all the unfair actions and injustices towards different people and for various reasons. However, kind and good finally take over all the evil and win all the prizes. 

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