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Article “Now or Never: What’s an Environmentalist to Do?” 

Bill McKibben in his article “Now or Never: What’s an Environmentalist to Do?” emphasizes that global warming seems to be one of the most significant troubles in the modern world. In 1988, scientists described a hypothesis of this problem. Every time people burn fuel based on carbon, they emit lots of carbon dioxide, which has bad impact on the atmosphere.

The doubters believed that planet would react and give more clouds in order to cool the air. They studied all the necessary elements of their discovery and found that human beings heat our planet up. The scientists have worked for 5 years and reached the following results: the predictions of heating the planet on 4 to 6 degrees Fahrenheit during this century; the possibility of raising the temperature up to 11 degrees Fahrenheit; the certainty that such increases would lead to the rises of water level; the fear that disease would spread quickly. Everything was illustrated by the example of the warmest years in the history. It has shown that even the smallest changes in the temperature can cause a wide range of modifications in the planet. In brief, it is not about temperature only. Basically human beings are changing our world month by month. Some presidents referred to the world of renewable energy. Unfortunately, this idea did not work in a proper way because in this case many companies would have a lot to lose.


Thus, environmentalists themselves cannot persuade the whole world to make lifelong choices. That is why global warming will soon be deemed to be a moral question, which is the only way to do something. Therefore, the broader politic and individual approach of this problem will save our planet. Actually this has to be a political issue. It is clear that people need to work on their lifestyles and try to make progress in the usage of energy since nature gives no alternatives

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