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Clockwork Orange

The movie under analysis is “Clockwork Orange” created by an outstanding film director Stanley Kubrick. This is a very interesting interpretation of one of the possible variants of the future society and what it would be like in a certain amount of time. The story is an anti-utopia shows the onlookers the life of one boy Alex, who lived in the society that was reluctant to be real people to care about those who are close to them. This story is a shocking one for the reason of brutality and violence represented in it and the openness of all the criminal actions that are performed by youngsters. However, the story under analysis and discussion is very interesting as well as it has a great deal of contradicting points like being a unique creation as a movie that can be so disgusting at the beginning and breathtaking and eye and mind catching beginning from the middle of it. The cast of actors is very professional, and as for the main character – Alex that was played by Malcolm McDowell, - he is unspeakable for a number of reasons. The onlookers can experience a disgust and real sympathy with his character and these two feelings change with every next significant episode in Alex’s life during the life of this interesting and frightful youngster as it was meant to show to the watchers.

The Genre of the Movie

The quality of the film can be defined by the actors’ performance and how vivid and bright their characters will be in the movie, the level of harmony between all the cast of the film. The second important criterion is the director’s idea, and the possibility of understanding and seeing it by the onlookers. The genre of the movie is a combination of drama, fantasy and criminal. The movie represents a fantastic time that awaits for humanity in the period of the late 70s and 80s. The time represented was unreal, and that is why a lot of episodes were realized the way that the director wanted them to be performed.


One of the most influential parts of the movie is the music. If to speak about the music used in “Clockwork Orange”, it is tremendous and produces an emotional influence upon those who watch the film. Moreover, the music written by Ludwig Van Beethoven serves as a symbolic one in this film as one of the most favorite pieces of art for the person who was enjoying rapes and killing people. The idea of punishment for performing criminal actions is sharply represented in the movie. However, it is showed, not in the ordinary way. The thing is that the main character is getting punished, but the rest of his gang are not, and moreover, they turn out to be in a very interesting social and professional position later in the movie, is not very pleasant because of its actuality in all times in different societies. If to speak about the cast of the film in general, the actors managed the roles the best way possible. The life of the people was presented very realistically, and the onlookers have no other chance than to live the life together with all the main characters and to experience all the emotions produced by them. The director of the movie tried to make everything look natural and real so hard that the main actor was suffering all the time. One of the episodes was terrible for the actor for he had to deal with a snake that the director decided would be a perfect shot after he got to know that the main actor was afraid of the reptiles. One of the episodes could be even tragically ended for Alex because he had to breathe under the water with the help of the special equipment for a quite long period of time, but, unfortunately, the equipment was broken, and it was a real luck for Malcolm McDowell that he managed to survive in that episode. The main actor was a very good tennis player and Stanley Kubrick liked to play with him for hours, however, Malcolm experienced great astonishment later, when every single hour that was spent on the play was taken from his salary.

Stanley Kubrick

There were a lot of such crazy director’s decisions, but all of them had their influence upon the general image of the film and added a lot of necessary emotions to it. Stanley Kubrick is an outstanding film director, and he is talented by nature so, it is no wonder that the film is a masterpiece of cinematography. The most extraordinary decision of director was that he decided to change the end of the movie that differed from the book. That is why the emotions that the reader experience after finishing the book are not the same as the feelings of the onlookers. As for the technical cinematographic characteristics like the scenery and the place of action and the surrounding features as well as some details they were chosen with a good level of their future influence upon the general image of the film. If to speak about the psychological image of the film and the level of its influence and impact upon the watchers of the movie and its critics, this movie is very controversial and gives a lot of meat for discussion and critique. At the same time, the movie is very provocative, and it seems that it was created with this purpose.

This idea emerges for a number of reasons, like the main problem that was put forward by the film director is relevant and actual and will be eternal – is the reason of violence among the adolescent people and ways to fight this situation and to prevent this situation in the future. The film shows one of the possible variants for this problem is medicament and psychological influence upon the imprisoned people, that turns out to be not a very effective solution because one “Clockwork Orange” that was brought back to the cruel society can do nothing to make a world to change or to start a new life. The film is the work of art, and it has all the positive characteristics as to the main idea of the movie and the way that Stanley Kubrick decided to make it work for his film. The technical characteristics and the psychological ones are perfectly combined to produce the effect upon the society and every individual separately. This movie is really worth watching it and gets the best grade for the director’s work, the work of actors and the level of their performance, a good with plus for the methods of the director that he used to achieve the maximum of the reality of the episodes depicted in the film.

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The Main Idea

The realization of the main idea that was implicated by the director was achieved with the maximum of the possible ability to make it on the screen of the display. The “Clockwork Orange” is really a good example of the harmony of the relations between the actors, director of the film, and the general idea that served as the main aim of the work for all of them.

By way of grading the specific criteria that determine the success of the film it can be easy to use the next characteristic grades of Oscars. For example, the best director’s work in this film is worth 5 Canes and the lower grade is just 1 Cane.

If to speak about the “Clockwork Orange”, the grades will be next: the director’s work is 5 Canes, the acting of the main character is worth 5 Canes, the scene and the costumes are also 5 Canes.

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The director’s methods are worth 4 Canes, the whole image of the story and its interpretation rendering the main idea of it are also worth 5 Canes. The level of cruelty of the film is very high, and though it adds some additional touch of the reality of the imagined times, it also makes this film not recommended for the adults’ watching that is why it gains only 3 Canes for that.


In general, if to count the grades and the criteria the average grade of this movie is 4.5 Canes, which makes it worth watching it.

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