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As a tradition in marketing, every marketer is expected to understand the different categories of his/her products in order to satisfy the needs of market segment. Today, technology has introduced another peculiar group of consumers or buyer personas in the name of social networks such as Facebook, Tweeter, Skype among others.

Instagram Application

Different companies therefore, have strived to reach this new market by customizing their products to suit the perceived demands of this market segment. Closer analysis of a product such as Instagram application reveals a lot of research and customization of this product to capture social consumers. Instagram is a social media application that enables users to capture images and share photos through the social media.    

Total Quality Management (TQM) in organizations usually stipulates the first step in market planning as understanding the different needs of the identified market segment then develops the product that fully satisfies such needs. Founders of the Instagram seemingly understood this concept. They evaluated the dynamic needs of the social consumers in order to come up with a product that perfectly fulfills these needs. Instagram has a unique mix of social media enhancement and a simple mobile platform.

Since major needs of the social consumers are entertainment and personal interactions, the Application has been branded with entertainment contents and utilities that allow users to take photos which they can share and customize on user-friendly interface. The knowledge that social consumers do not require complicated applications as in the case of commercial consumers, the Instagram has been made with simple and friendly content which will not expose the users into a lot of learning.

The product is freely available due to the fact that most members in this market group are youths; specifically students. In order to meet the security needs of consumers, there is the provision of account security and consumers’ access choice.


A closer analysis of the Instagram application shows its customization to successfully fit the intended personas given its tremendous speed, user friendliness and simplicity. However, there are some shortcomings such as its inability to be used on Windows phone.

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