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Bakery products are one of the most important foods for human beings. Quality of bakery products is the most important characteristics of the bakery chains. Nowadays, there are many problems connected with various food-borne diseases, food products with high risk and consumers’ awareness. Consumers consider that any food product must meet high quality standards. Therefore, total quality management should provide an appropriate quality assurance system. Bakery products have restricted shelf life. They are produced from inhomogeneous raw materials. Quality of raw materials depends on the season and conditions of harvesting. Quality of bakery products depends on raw materials and their production. Food quality management designs and improves the quality of bakery products. Moreover, quality managers control the quality level of bakery products.

Effectiveness of the quality management will be proved by the bakery products of high quality and at minimal cost. Moreover, reclamation of a customer on the production is one of the effective indicators of shortcomings in the quality management. Instrument for Management Assessment and Quality Effectiveness in the Food sector (IMAQE-Food) can prove the successful implementation of the total quality management in the bakery chain.

Quality management is one of the most important departments in the modern business. It solves problems on development manufacturing, improvement of production, increasing its competitiveness and decreasing costs. Furthermore, quality management facilitates training and education of personnel to improve the quality of production. The example of total quality management in Crusty Bakeries demonstrates how quality management influences the further development of the company. Quality manager is a leader which can solve any problem occurring in the company. The total quality management turned from the management technique into the management philosophy. Thus, the total quality management influences culture and lifestyle of people who buy the products.

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