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Google is a multinational company established in 2002, which offers diverse products and services all over the world. Google provides millions of users with the diversity of information in over a hundred of languages in more than 50 countries. Google offers its services to everyone connected to the global network of Internet, which unites people in both commercial and non-commercial interests all over the world. The main source of profits for the company is advertising, which puts links to the companies’ websites in the specific order according to the chosen advertising strategy. Brand and performance advertising are the main directions of the company’s performance. The company has three subsidiaries including Google International LLC, Google Ireland Holdings, and Google Ireland Limited (Reuters, 2015). All these subsidiaries belong to the headquarters located in California, the US. The company provides millions of customers all over the world with advertising services, which connect advertisers and customers. In addition, the company provides its target audience ranging from children to elderly people with valuable information, which they need to find in a blink of an eye.

The company has its external environment, which includes not only competitors but other external elements. All these elements create a system of external elements influencing the company’s performance and sustainability. First, it is necessary to outline a political environment, which may create a significant tension in any company. However, Google managed to build friendly relations with the political environment on the international basis. It happened for the reason that millions of users all over the world strive to be the first ones to know about political changes. Google is the one answering any question with the help of news portals, which keep people from different countries updated and informed about the political situation. It means that there are no barriers created by politicians, which could limit Google in its performance.

Another factor is economic environment, which also has a positive effect on the performance of Google. There are several reasons for cooperation between Google and businesses turning to its services. In order to increase the number of customers and overall popularity across the globe, many companies need effective advertising which Google offers. Google is most likely to increase its profits regardless of the economic situation all over the world. There will always be companies which are willing to turn to advertising. The rising number of customers helps these companies to develop the economy of the country to which they belong.

The socio-cultural environment also represents another element of the external environment that influences Google. In general, it means that Google cannot reach those remote places which lack telecommunications. Such regions include parts of Africa and Asia. It means that only large developed countries fall in the specter of Google’s performance. Moreover, these countries create needs that Google strives to meet on a daily basis.

New technologies represent another factor of the external environment, which has a significant impact on Google. In general, the main representatives of this factor are competitors, which work on creating new technological opportunities, which will replace the Google search engine. However, competition is an additional stimulation of Google’s performance, which helped the company create teams of employees working on the continuous Google upgrade, which keeps the company up-to-date.

Finally, the company has to face an ethical factor, which influences its performance at all fronts. For example, many countries complain that Google provides its users with offensive websites. Perhaps, many users would not mind Google having a filter according to the country’s characteristics. Google tries hard to meet interests of every user; however, there are many problems with controlling every flow of information circulating within the global network of Internet.

Company’s Position in Five Years

If Google continues to stick to its organizational strategies, it is most likely to win hearts of millions of Internet users in five years. It means that it is most likely that every year of Google’s performance brings not only new users filling the target audience but new technological opportunities. These technological opportunities attract attention of Google and motivate it to intensify its leading position in the global market. Speed, accuracy, and relevance are the main criteria of Google’s performance. These postulates help the company listen to the feedback of every user and provide him/her with information, which he/she is looking for. In five years, people will be more dependent on the services provided by Google. Google has an outlining characteristic feature of fighting with its competitors, which helps it to be a primary leader and keep attention of its target audience gripped. The company manages to innovate, improve, and impress its users at the same time. Rapid pace of the development will lead to the solid position of the company in the market. Eventually, it should lead to the decrease of competitors, which will have to agree that Google is several steps ahead. Google has an incredible reaction to any process taking place both in external and internal environments. The company’s response finds itself in the establishment of appropriate strategies aimed to be useful in each specific situation. Finally, Google’s financial strategies are also important to promote the company’s profitability and success in the future. Advertising as the main source of profits will continue to contribute to the company’s growth and evolution. In five years, the company will become even more global than it is today. However, it is a matter of time to see what Google is capable of achieving in the near future.

Strategies to Recommend

In general, strategies of Google are optimal enough to promote its further development. However, in order to ensure the company’s competitiveness, it is necessary to add minor changes to the company’s strategies in the aspect of each external factor. It will help to take care of the company’s position on the market. First, it will be good enough for Google to engage in the political sphere with its processes deeper. It will help the company to keep in touch with every change in the political environment and predict the possible changes in international relations. Google is capable of becoming the first one to inform its users about a single change in the world. It is an idea which can make Google a primary source of news. It will not be surprising if the company becomes a news portal containing the diversity of information holding it in different categories referring to each separate country.

Further, Google can go beyond offering advertising services to the diversity of businesses. For example, the company may focus on becoming a personal consultant for small businesses willing to grow. In general, Google can become a huge promoter of economic development in any part of the world. It will not only increase the company’s profits but will also help other businesses to learn and apply new techniques acquired from Google’s experience.

Finally, Google can become the one providing the most remote corners of the world with telecommunications. If Google spreads technologies in all parts of the world, it will gain appreciation not only from users but will start new economic development in the most remote corners of the world. It means that Google can become a primary source of innovations and changes in the world. It is a perfect strategy for increasing the company’s influence at the global level by making its beneficial performance a primary target (Belicove, 2013).

Competitive Strategies of the Competitors

The main competitors of Google are Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, Microsoft Corporation, Yandex,, and eBay Inc (Reuters, 2015). All these companies have orientation towards the Internet users, which creates a significant threat to Google’s performance. For example, Microsoft performs to impress its target audience with the help of technological innovations supported by a single search engine. If Google does not find a way to be more impressive and innovative than its competitors, it is most likely that it will lose its market position. Yahoo! keeps providing its users not only with advertising services but also with fresh and relevant news. It also constitutes a threat to Google’s sustainability. Twitter and Facebook are global social networks, which contain the diversity of profiles keeping its users updated on various topics. It may seem that it is possible to find the majority of information within these two social networks. It is obvious that Google has many competitors willing to obtain its market position.

There is a need to protect the company’s performance with the help of secret strategies. It can create global projects opening new opportunities for the Internet users. For example, Google could become a news portal, or a portal full of categorized information, which will make it easy to access. For example, it must be easy for a global company to create separate portals for education, news, political development, entertainment, and social networking. Several projects could boost the company’s performance and attract new users willing to join to the innovational projects launched by Google. Changes should become one of the postulates of the company’s daily routine. Without adherence to the external environment, the success will not have a long-term success. Attention to the competitor’s strategies and its analysis can help Google to be a leader in the field of telecommunications and search engine techniques.

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