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A Gap Year Refers

A gap year refers to the time a student spends before joining a college or a university after finishing high school. It is the period which high school graduates break off from formal education as a way of relaxing. Gap year is incorporated in British system of education and has worked perfectly for the young teenagers. Many universities and colleges encourage potential students to take a year off before joining higher education institutes. Colleges and universities believe that, the year pursued after school bring indispensable perspective in class. The gap year between high school and college offers a meaningful social experience, and also a chance to explore in the big pond. Therefore, America should adopt the British custom of taking a gap year between high school and college.

The gap year helps teenagers to gain focus before joining the college. College students waste time easily, while partying with friends or wondering which course to follow. This is precious time that should be used to model the future of student. Similarly, students are potential victims of misusing their parents’ money trying to discover the world. Most teenagers who join college immediately after high school do not know what they want in life. The gap year is noteworthy as it gives the student a full year to focus on the future. They learn to rely on their ideas instead of depending on other adults’ ideas. They join colleges with a clear sense of direction as well as clear goals, which they want to achieve in life. This means that, the gap year does not only save the students time and money, but also makes them have a better understanding of what they want in life (Silverberg at al. 237).

High School Graduates

High school graduates are young teenagers who are not fully developed. Gap year is the best period for them to mature up and become responsible adults. It helps them to break off from their parents and face the tough world. They feel they are mature, and can do what adults do. This helps them to grow up, and be strong to face challenges. They can call parents for advice when things become too tough for them to handle. Therefore, they end up being adults who can confront college life, which is not easy. They understand what life is. They develop methods of handling challenges instead of giving up after every problem (Jay & Marcus 132).

Most students spend their gap year abroad or working somewhere. This is crucial in their future as it adds to their experience. They are incomparable with those who joined colleges immediately. They have higher chances of getting a decent job in the future. Additionally, they get to understand how the workplace is for those who do not have perfect qualifications. Therefore, they work hard after joining college so as not suffer when they join job markets. The gap year gives them ample time in the workplace, so as to select the best job which has little competition. This helps for them be knowledgeable enough to choose a helpful course (National Association of Secondary School Principal 56).

Foreign languages are part of experience and qualifications in most jobs. Currently, employers look for those people who can communicate with more than two foreign languages. This is influenced by foreigners in each country. It is necessary to have employees who will perfectly handle all the visitors at the work place. The gap year gives teenagers the best period to learn as many foreign languages as possible. Most of the students love spending the year in a foreign land. They learn new languages, which affect their future lives positively. This is an essential skill which attracts employers from all parts of the universe. The gap year offers endless opportunities for students to explore the universe, and learn who they are. Therefore, it is advisable to allow all high school leavers to spend a whole year out before joining a college.

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Students have a chance to earn some few coins which they can use for their personal use. The gap year helps students attain a job which help them save some money. This is personal money, which parents and guardians do not control. Students can use this money to purchase clothes and other personal properties without depending on their parents. Additionally, the money can help in paying college fees especially if the parents are financially low. They can also save money in their accounts to top up the pocket money they will receive from parents. This makes students who enjoyed the gap year stronger than those who joined colleges right away (Daggett 45).

Gap years give high school leavers a golden chance to explore the world. Most students take this opportunity and travel abroad. They meet different people and events which inspire them to become useful adults in the future. Additionally, they have a chance to visit different parts of their country, learning what the country has for them. They meet different cultures, which are usually unfamiliar to them. This offers intense lessons to the youths, especially for the motivated and curious youths. Furthermore, travelling and adventure offers the most genuine education to students.


Young people value the freedom. It helps them learn who they are and what they can do to make life comfortable. The gap year acts as the best experience which gives teenagers enough freedom to explore the world and know what it entails. This does not only define their social goals, but also helps them to become self-actualized citizens. They get a chance to plan their future with little or no supervision from their parents. This is when they discover what inspires them most, as well as what disappoints them most. The freedom raises their self esteem as they feel that their parents account them responsible. They are no longer guarded in every step. They make firm decisions, which they cannot afford to blame anyone in the future.

Gap years offer the best opportunity in life to have fun. High school graduates are in the most attractive stage when they can have maximum fun in life. Nothing is disturbing them as they have no responsibilities. They have just completed high school education which was tough. They are only young teenagers who have all it takes to have fun. In fact, this is the only opportunity to have such fun. They will not have that chance when they finish college as they will be searching for jobs. They will also be looking for partners, so as to start families since age will be calling for that. If they do not enjoy life in this year, this chance might be lost forever. Life has no rehearsal. Therefore, it is necessary to give them that year to have fun, adventure and discover anything that can help them in future (Clifford, 127).

Life is full of challenges. It is beneficial to have a gap year after high school to learn techniques of overcoming challenges. High school students are sheltered and protected by teachers, parents and the government against any harm. However, tables turn when they join colleges. They are now termed as adults who should take care of themselves. It becomes hard for them to overcome challenges with no experience. Gap year offers them a chance to join a work place and visit different parts of the universe. They meet different people with different characters. Some are too hard to deal with, but circumstances require them to live with them. Therefore, they must look for the best ways of living with all types of characters. This is an extremely valuable skill which will not only help them in college life, but also in future (Silverberg at al. 236).

Clear academic objectives gained in a gap year keep the students pressing on even when learning becomes tough. There is a misconception that, gap year is experienced by the rich. However, this is a misleading myth which has no roots. The gap year an open chance for all high school leaves to join voluntary jobs, paying jobs or charity groups. They are given a token of appreciation which makes them move. Most organizations, especially non-profit making organizations, offer volunteers a chance to visit different parts of the universe. They learn more and more in their career of interest. They get to understand, what is taught, and its importance when they get back to class.

Students who enjoyed a gap year have improved chances to join the best colleges and universities. Most advanced colleges internationally prefer admitting students who have spent a year off after high school graduation. These students are believed to be mature and focused. They have experience in life, and will work hard towards achieving their goals. They have a sense of direction and defined focus. Those who join colleges instantly after high schools do not know what they want in life. They are usually the ring leaders in strikes and riots. They have no experience in the workplace. They believe joining a college is the beginning of success. Therefore, students with gap year experience are preferred (Jay & Marcus 142).

Gap year students act as role models to their classmates who join college immediately. The year spent out of school teaches students valuable skills in life. They are unlikely to be influenced by peer pressure in college. They have already experienced freedom throughout the whole year. They have handled different challenges in life. Those who join college immediately are vulnerable to college pitfalls. This is their first experience to have freedom. They feel independent as they are not supervised. This makes them join bad company, which leads them to failure. Therefore, gap year is the most effective way to avoid negative peer influence in school.

Colleges and universities are the formal opportunities of exploring academic disciplines. However, there is a need to have a gap year so as to seek academic niche before joining the college. The year allows students to focus on different areas in life. They get prepared to join the most efficient discipline which will favor their interests, as well as their dreams. They are prepared on what they will study in college, and the importance of that expensive education. The year helps them gain serious perspectives in education. This is achieved through accumulation of intimate knowledge, as a result of practical experience (National Association of Secondary School Principal 60).

There are limitless experiences for a gap year. The best gap year experience combines fun, adventure, and earning. American students have the best opportunities to have the most beneficial gap year. If the system is adopted in America, it can be the most useful to the country and the students. There are countless activities for high school leavers in America to do before joining the college. These activities will help them mature up and have clear academic perspectives (Meeder & Stevens 96).

Fishing in Alaska or working in a sailboat can be an incredible experience for those who are interested in marine work. High school leavers can make millions of dollars in such easy jobs. This will also equip them with enough experience in marine jobs. Additionally, it is fascinating and thrilling to do such activities, which are open to all interested parties. The job is tough indeed, as the naive student tries to catch a crab using a net. These challenges will harden the student and make them strong enough to handle any challenging situation in life. In addition, the student will admire experienced fishermen taking away thousand dollars in a single night, whereas in some nights they go home without a single crab. This will motivate them to be patient and persistent in every situation (Daggett 48).

Joining forest fire fighters or Peace Corps can be among the best ideas for students who value disaster mitigation and conflict resolution. These are excellent fields, which will equip the teenagers with first aid skills, as well as humanitarian assistance knowledge. It will plant the urge of saving life in their hearts. The certificates awarded after every field work will be used in the future, so as to secure decent jobs. There is much fun and adventure into the forest as well as disaster stricken areas internationally. However, the field is still challenging. Students and other personnel in this field risk their lives for the sake of saving life, and where possible property. This will harden students who desire to be humanitarians, and make them prepared to learn more about the course.

For those who do not enjoy traveling, joining AmeriCorps or park rangers can work perfectly. This is a wide department where millions of people work voluntarily. There are different sections in which a school leaver can work and gain experience. Thousands of organizations trust those who have gone through this field. Therefore, job and college opportunities will be greater for students who join the corps, as compared to those who will join college instantly. Those who love nature have a chance to join national parks and animal orphanage to learn what nature entails. They can do the job voluntarily or as temporary employees (Meeder & Stevens 99).

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Another great opportunity that American high school graduates have is teaching English abroad. This is an open opportunity for all American students. They do not require extra education to be English teachers in any part of the world. There is an enormous demand for English teachers, and the payment is truly encouraging. This gives students a chance to explore the universe, and learn about other cultures. This is where they get inspired by influential people in the world, as well as events. They come out of the gap year rich, experienced and mature adults (Clifford 129).


In conclusion, gap year appears to be too beneficial for America to ignore it. It helps high school graduates to mature up before joining colleges. The year gives them experience in the workplace as well as methods of solving daily challenges. It makes them have a clear focus in education. They join colleges with set goals, which cannot be affected by peer influence in colleges. The money earned throughout the year helps students to purchase personal belongings. They enjoy freedom away from their parents. This makes them independent and goal oriented. Additionally, America has the best opportunities for school leavers to join. There is the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, English teachers and park rangers among others. The gap year between high school and college gives students enough experience to explore the world and make a smart choice. These reasons defeat all purposes for not adopting the British custom of taking a gap year between high school and college.

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