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The film “Scream” is considered to be an interesting and successful slasher directed by Wes Craven. It was performed in a realistic manner following all the necessary characteristics of horror and thriller genres. The film shows a realistic story which can happen in routine life. More than that, it reveals the main rules of any horror film: “Don’t answer the door. Don’t hide in the closet. Don’t just stand there. Don’t go back in the house. Don’t trip. Don’t answer the phone. Don’t ask, “Who’s there?” Don’t have sex. Don’t drink or do drugs. And never, ever, under any circumstances, scream” (CravenScream, 1996). The dynamics of the film is another evidence of its realistic nature. In this filmmovie, there are no abnormal psychological ideas, which are common for antirealistic style. Realism was chosen in order to show the true side of any horror film, to reveal its nature, and destruct its canons. That was the main idea, and if the tools of antirealism had been used, the film did not appear to be so vivid and intricate. The main idea was to make people believe in what they see, and that worked well.

The film Scream” makes a lot of open references to the conventions in other movies. These references could be felt in words of the main characters, in decorations of the film scenes, in music and plot. For example, the scene in which dead Casey is hanging on a tree is similar to one of the first scenes in Italian horror film "Suspiria". The first film scenes strongly resemble scenes from the horror film When a Stranger Calls”. One of the film’s soundtracks “Don’t Fear the Reaper” was earlier used in the horror film Halloween”. The knife used by the murderer is identical to the knife onewhich was used by Mrs. Voorhees in the slasher Friday the 13thth”. These are only several examples out of many others. There could be made parallels between Scream” and Shadow of a Doubt”, The Last House on the Left”, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Clerks”. All these references bring audiences deep into the nature of horror, sharpen the scary effects and make toes curl.

The film Scream” belongs to several genres such as slasher, horror, thriller, and, in some cases, even mystery. It follows the rules of these genres, some of which are even pronounced by the main characters. This is a lucky trick invented by Wes Craven. To some extent, this film motion picture can be called a “pure slasher movie” or an “ideal horror film.”. During the whole movie, audiences are absorbed by a constant feeling of horror and never know what will happen the next second. Some elements of humor add a specific taste to the mysterious thriller.

There are several symbolic moments in this film. First of all, the murderer adores horror movies. That is like a horror movie inside a horror movie. Besides, we are shown that constant watching of violence and cruelty on TV by teenagers can lead to such tragic repercussions.

One more symbolic feature is the murderer’s mask called “Ghostface.”. It shows demonstrates us that sometimes we do not know the real nature of people who are surrounding us. We never know who can committee a crime. That is a mystery inside other people’s souls which can sometimes be revealed in such tragic circumstances. People Persons never know who is to be suspected. This is a clever trick used by the directors of horror movies.

These symbols, as well as all other features, reveal the underlying meaning of this film. It shows the real price for people’s life, confidence and human relationships. At first sight, this is just a slasher full of blood, death, scream and, in some cases ways, irony and humor. Another teaser for teenagers, but if to discover it deeper, there can be found the real meaning of this film. : there should be no place for violence in people’s life. Moreover, we should ought to know people better before letting them come into our life.

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