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Fathers have a bigger role to play in the lives of their children as it is clear that the impact and the bequest they leave for their offspring is huge and it defines the future generation’s life. The movie courageous seeks to discuss and restore integrity and honor in our rapidly decaying society especially in marriage and family. It is a message of the principles of faith, hope and fatherhood to the family. It clearly indicates that for a society to rise against the ills it has engulfed in, the men have to dare to take a stand and prove this commitment beginning right from their homes thus the thought that a man’s honor begins at home. The family can be rebuilt through fathers who lead in love. The movie explores the challenge of fatherhood the five men who have committed to serve and protect face. The four law enforcement officers, Shane Fuller, Adam Mitchell, David Thomson and Nathan Hayes are not ready to take up the challenge of fatherhood as the Courageous Movie Resolution Book and Bundle notes, “when disaster hits close to home, fathers are left to wrestle with their hopes, their qualms, and their conviction. From this effort comes a resolution that changes all their lives,” (Kendrick and Kendrick, 2011).

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The movie exposes the good standards many men in the society showcase in their jobs and careers but miss the mark in mustering the art of being a good father and husband at home. The men are inspired to be fathers who have made a lifelong positive impact on their children as they courageously raise them in a God-honoring way and at the same time protecting the streets from drug dealers and gangs. The characters find a way of serving and protecting the people they love because God desires that, as fathers they turn their hearts to their children. The movie courageous has given the fathers in society an opportunity to strengthen their families. According to the book of Joshua chapter one verse nine the bible notes that, “Have I not instructed you? Be tough and brave. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” (Catt, Kendrick and Kendrick, 2011).

The movie courageous downplays the excuse of bad childhood experiences for the bad behaviors in adulthood. It encourages adults to stand strong and take responsibility for their actions and enables them to get out of the sins of poor or absent ancestors. The need for forgiveness is advised to achieve this goal. In the movie, Adam is a role model of bravery and how one can rise from loss, to courage and then to honor. Hayes shows the importance of a child having a mentor or a father figure in his life. David reconsiders his past relationship after understanding the importance and meaning of the resolution he commits to. Shane who is a divorced father struggles with the resolution he had made and is pulled down by his weakness and the desire to take the easy way out in solving the challenges he is facing. He resorts to stealing evidence drugs. Javier represents a hard working immigrant with the desire to give his family the best he can.

The devotion of fathers in the home to their fatherhood roles is encouraged in the movie, in its effort to reach out to every father to have a stronger desire to better the lives of their children regardless the relationship they have with the children’s’ mothers. Such devotion demonstrated by Nathan who is determined to protect his child from robbers. He tightly holds on to the thief through the window of his truck while the truck is moving. The men are in the movie are challenged to check their own faith and fatherhood as a result of the tragedy one of them faces. The emotional scenes in the movie portray true relationships with life challenges that people go through in today’s society. The movie admonishes men through the ending soliloquy that many mothers in the past have had to take responsibility for their families alone. We can connect the characters in the movie to each other through the humorous scenes which makes the movie realistic. Adam, one of the characters in the movie shares a draft of a resolution as a commitment to his family with his friends. The friends in turn agree to make the same promise and commit to uphold the resolution for the good of their families.

The concern of how fatherlessness impacts the life of children and family at large is raised in the movie. In fact, the most significant social or family problem facing the United States of America today is the physical absence of fathers from the home. The movie shows how the fathers are different as they face different challenges in life. In the movie, one man is ashamed of having a child out of wedlock, another is confused as he tries to figure out the father he never knew and his attempt to walk in integrity. Another man, although considered good, discovers his shortcomings through the tragedy of his daughter’s death. Another man struggles to make ends meet in an effort to watch out for his family. In addition, the other man is faced with a difficult choice of morality. The movie tries to stress that the fathers need more wisdom and strength to lead and take care of their families than fighting crime. It is clear that in the movie, Adam does not pay enough attention to his children. Shane does not seem to have made up his mind and Nathan does not do better than good in his fatherhood role. Courageous is a movie that encourages the men to raise a generation that looks up to their fathers with admiration and indifference or scorn (Catt, 2011).

The film has concentrated much on the roles that men play in the society as fathers. It is expected that fathers should be breadwinners and take responsibility for the needs of their families, such as food, clothing, shelter, health needs and role modeling among other needs. However, in the film, this does not happen. Fathers run away from their families and the responsibilities they are supposed to cater for. They abandon their children and wives leaving them to suffer because of selfishness and lack of wisdom.


Fatherhood being a major theme in the movie, the need for men to do more than just providing a paycheck, being at home and not beating your wife is recommended. The men are challenged to honor their wives, their fellow men and God, through actions. Research shows that thirty six percent of the twenty five million American children live without their natal fathers. These children are more prone to suffer child abuse, engage in criminal behavior, experience health, emotional, educational and psychological problems than those who live with their married biological parents. According to the Bureau of the Census, ninety three percent of youth suicides come from fatherless homes. The Center for Disease Control research shows that ninety percent of homeless, runaway children and eighty five percent of all children with behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. The fathers are challenged to show leadership in their homes and be fathers of purpose.

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