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This is a crime film directed by John Luessenhop who also wrote the story and develop its screenplay. The main characters include Chris Brown who plays Jesse Aticca, Hayden Christensten playing A.J, Matt. Dillon playing Jack Welles, Michael Ealy playing Jake Attica, Idris Elba playing Gordon Cozier, and Steve Haris who plays Lt. Carver. T.I play as Ghost, Jay Hernandez playing Eddie Hatcher, Zoe Saldana playing Lilly, Johnathon Schaech who plays Scott, and Paul Walker playing John Rahway. Marianne Jean playing Naomi Cozier, Gaius Charles playing the role of Max, Gideon Emery playing Sergei and Zulay Henao who plays Monica Hatcher.

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The film is about professional bank robbers who have successfully finished their last heist. They are all living a luxurious life from the funds which they managed to gouge. When a former member of their team Ghost gets out of prison and convinces them to carry out one last post. They just cannot get enough. He lets them know that are there are no hard feelings for the team having deserted him for the five years he was in prison. Ghost cuts a deal with a group of Russian Gangsters who try to kill everyone in the crew, but Jake kills the Russians though A.J dies in the shootout. Jake and Jesse die when they go home and police surround their home, and the two decide to take a suicide charge. As Gordon and John partition to make their flight, they came to realize that Ghost wants to carry all the money. Ghost kills Scott as he prepares to finish off Gordon. John shoots him dead, and the two take off with the money with so many injuries. The film ends leaving suspense of wondering whether the two survive.


‘Takers’ is an act crime film which is not just a regular run of the workshop heist film. The action has strategy, and the events follow one other as they should make apprehension that keeps the viewers captivated and glued to the screen. The film has twists, turns and an exceedingly engrossing story. The director manages to come together with such a decent script and the actors chosen to play the role play it perfectly.

T.I happens to be amusing but not exclusive. He manages to portray the team all along without any of the member realizing it until the final goal when it is too late, and the team can only do so little about it. He manages to integrate all aspects of the script and make the movie great. The actors in the film seem right. There is the appropriate action series, one day the team is the house, and the other day trying to reach their robbing goal.

The lightning in the film is also remarkable. We see it change from bright to dim. As the movie starts, the crowd is in a house where the audience lits in a party mood as they observe what they had accomplished thinking that they stopped stealing, and they were willing to continue. The governor also succeeds in coordinating the sound. The concept clearly brings out the feeling of the film helps predict what is going to happen. It also helps in dramatizing the film and makes it look real. This includes the thundering powerful shot exchanges. The movie shoots at a good angle. All of its images are sure there is no suggestion of blurriness. The scenes are also well organized.

The film move from one scene to another in good timing, and all the scenes coordinated with continuity. The colors used in the film are used properly that they support everything fall in place. Its color also helps bring out the scenes of the film stop clearly. For example, social and risk. It also helps in dramatization. There are also the lightning fast pursuits which carry out the significance of pleasure and excitement. The case cinematography is pretty decent.

The history of the crew starts to hold their backs. Despite the film been committed and more of action, the director manages to bring humor in the film whereby we see Ghost go into a hotdog rank and request only Relish.

One of the themes is vengeance. A theme well portrayed in this film. As the film commences, we see Ghost who have served time in prison is available and wants to revenge on his friends who abandoned him for the five years while was in prison. Despite him convincing and making them believe that there are no strong feelings between them, he convinces them to make only one last post which has more money at stake than ever before. He goes ahead and betrays them by taking a contract with the Russian gangsters. This gives them half the portion that they receive from the heist of armored car and remove the part of the crew.

The film also considers greed. Before the Ghost surprises, the team after getting paroled, we see that they are discussing to be through taking as one of the crew member states we are takers, gents that what we do for a living. We take. He still manages to convince them to one last post which includes more money than ever. They can not resist getting the amount of money Ghost tells to have been promised. Despite fraud being insecure, we see the doing if quite often, they do not mind what would happen to them. They go on and takes the job, but they end up encountering problems on the way, and almost all of get killed at the end.

Crime is clearly shown in the film. The main lifestyle of the crew is crime. All the crew for instance they enjoy a luxurious life robbery. All they do is take things they do not want or own. They are a group of well-organized bank robbers. We see that the crew would do anything without the considering or even thinking of the consequence as long as they get the money they want. For instance, when ghost is back he convinces them to take the last job in which he has more in it, and despite the crew saying that they have quit that lifestyle they go on and agree with him. We can see that before this group of notorious criminals has managed to pull off perfectly executed bank robberies ( Carroll 12). The crew is in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence or any trace of them for whatsoever behind and laying low in between heists. The film communicates to the human being, and it is meaningful, for there is several moral lessons learnt from it. One is that vengeance never pays.

Ghost comes out of prison after his parole with the motive to punish and kill all his former crew members for having deserted him when he was in prison. He befriends them and even says that he is okay with the believe that one of the crew members is dating his ex-girlfriend. His plan goes well for a long time till the end when he tries to take all the money, but John and Gordon realizes what his plan. John comes in time and saves his friend Gordon by killing Ghost. After going to so much trouble Ghost ends up dead and he does not even achieve his goal. Another lesson that one can pick from the movie is that greed is not acceptable. The crew was so greedy to get more and accumulate what they had that with just little conviction, and the money mentioned. They gave in what they got and agreed to go along with the plan that Ghost presents to them. They easily get carried away that no one of them realizes it is a trick, which leads to almost all of them getting killed without enjoying the money.

The movie is also beneficial, for it shows it is amusing to go with your stand or decision and not allow anyone to shake your stand like the crews decision became changed so easily by Ghost.

The film receives a lot of criticism. One of the critics stated that Takers is an empty headed heist that makes no effort to endeavor us to the slick gangster or the police pursing them. The critic goes further to state that some of the cast do not do much as the viewers expected. For example, Matt Dillion who is violent, rule bending cop ends up being a jerk than a hero. Also, Idris Elba as one of the sharp suited criminals becomes underused. Regardless of this critic, the movie manages to bring out the themes clearly. Author Stephen King listed this movie at number five among his best films of the year 2010. He says that “the movie's climax strains credulity, but its characters feel real and the armored heist is the best action in 2010. This critic brings out the theme of crime through the mention of heist, which is one of the themes that clearly bring it out.


Like most heists, thieves, robberies films happen to be extremely attractive. ‘Takers’ is no exception. It has proved to be exciting and thrilling. Having watched the movie myself, I would assert this to be one of the best crimes heist movies that I have ever watched. The occurrences were predictable, for it was a complex script (Fritz 34). It was right to the point. It is also a colorful movie, one that is captivating and keeps one glued to the screen eager to know what will be the next move. Although the film is not much concerned with realism, but much concerned with the hyperactive editing, perfunctory gunfight and car chases, it happens to control some of the day to day activities, and the audience can learn from the movie lessons that would help in tackling their activities. Despite the movie, having gotten some negative criticism I tend to differ for the film brings out some classic aspect and it also has a formal structure.

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