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There are many families in a small town in Colombia; Maria Alvarez lives in one those. Quarreled with her superior, she resigned. As a result, her mother and sister, being unmarried mothers, blamed her in the irresponsible attitude to the family. On top of that, Maria is three months gone with a child, and her boyfriend does not want to be a father. Thus, she made an imprudent and dangerous act – became a live drug container.

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One of the main problems of this film is whether a young pregnant girl, who is in her teens, could risk earning money to support her family. Her friend’s offer to work as a “live container” for one the drug suppliers seemed to be very profitable, but extremely dangerous. It is not a secret that this decision was not easy for the main character. However, a few people can resist the desire to get much money quickly, especially in Maria’s situation. In Bogota, she met already experienced carrier of this precious commodity and made sure that it is enough to fly to the U.S. and back a couple of times, as she will be able to buy her own home in the capital, and she still will have enough sum by Colombian standards.

Further scene in the plane was very nervous and made me strongly empathize the heroine of this story. It is not a joke, when at any moment one of the dozens of capsules may burst and cause death from this poison. Check at the airport was no less emotional and tense. Even in this situation, Maria was lucky. She was lucky when she and her friend decided to run away with the goods, fearing the same fate that befell their more experienced courier. I was even a little surprised that traffickers not only saved them alive, but also gave them their money. Luck speed Maria and Blanco, when they rubbed up sympathetic people, their compatriots, who have not left them in difficult times and helped not get lost in this huge city.

“Maria full of grace” is a very painful and life film, shot as supposing it was commissioned by the State Department to U.S. security, in order to tell people about the whole procedure of drug traffic in detail. After watching this film, I cannot stop thinking about all those who fall into trafficking networks. The public was forced to feel sorry for the girl trying to poison half of the United States of America, beautiful, reckless and ambitious. What is more, she is good and lucky. Catalina Moreno coped with her role excellently. The picture was filmed so naturally and believable that it seems to be a Reality Show. Once I read a brief description of the film, I had the impression that this movie is one of the billions of pictures, about which people not talk and in which they are not interested. In fact, I was in some measure right since such films are not in the interest of the masses, though only those, who can perceive beyond the standards, can appraise it. Maria full of grace is very extraordinary, demonstrating outstanding work of Colombians, Ecuadorians and Americans filmmakers.

At the end of the film, Maria had to make a choice whether to return home and continue drug trafficking, because eventually the money would terminate, despite the fact that sometimes girls do not come back from the United States. Here one may see the main question the film, - what can a young girl do for the sake of her child. Whether she is ready to the poor existence in a developed country with the dream of a happy future for her child. Sure, Maria has chosen it. To tell truth, she did not have a real choice. In Columbia, she could only live the same life as her sister, without any possibility to escape from the abyss of hopelessness. Maria suggested that she could help both her family and her child while staying away from her motherland in order to have the opportunity to earn money.


The film has very rugged moments; however, the most difficult is to understand that the concept of “live container” actually operates in many countries around the world. People put themselves at real risk for the sake of money in order to help their families. Despite the increased control over drug trafficking and a high probability to spend the rest of the life in prison or die in the transport in the case of drug distribution in the body, people still go for it, just because they have nothing to choose from.

This is a disturbing film about the roughing of people being not very lucky in this life. They get up every day neither to carry out ambitious plans, nor achievements of their cloudless “tomorrow”; they get up with the thought and the hope not to lose that minimum that they have today: a roof over their head and a family. The film stings to the quick with the lack of hypocrisy and terrific acting. It adds a perfectly sound balance between reality and art. History shows the true and the public has no doubt, the viewer believes it recklessly and immerses in it completely, worries about the heroine and no one knows in what this all will end.

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