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According to some literature sources, films have been used severally to act as a mirror to the society. They have also been used to educate and create various meanings to the viewers. The Secret is one of the most famous and selling films released in the year 2006. It contains chains of interviews of prosperous people that have an intention to demonstrate that everything that a person desires to achieve or to become can be possible. It goes further to explain that it is through occasionally pondering about what one wants to achieve, having faith in the result and upholding positive expressive states to attract the desired result that one can attain success. This essay illustrates the lessons I learned through reviewing film and the way it impacted on the lives of viewers.

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The Secret is portrayed as a self-help movie. It has been described as so since through watching it, an individual can change the way he or she views things and start a new successful life. The movie utilizes a textual format to present the law of attraction as the main hypothesis of the film (Bruce 96). According to the movie, every person has a strength that might take long to realize. In a daily life, individuals utilize their strength, without realizing that it is a secret that can lead them to next levels. After realizing the secret, one can enjoy unlimited joy, money, relationship, love, health and all the things that human beings desire. The movie reveals that the most vital thing in life is to comprehend the secret of life. Philosophers, scientists, and authors reveal secrets that change their lives and lives of all individuals who understand them. Through the use of a story, the film indicates that every person has the key to success. The key can only be utilized on the realization that every person hinders his way to success. In other words, through ages, people have succeeded because of their strategies and application of simple things that they encounter in their day-to-day lives.

Experience makes people learn. After a painful experience, Rhonda understood a great secret. After realization of the secret, she is amazed to learn the number of famous people in history who knew about the secret. She uses modern advocates in her documentary to enlighten her viewers about the secret as a way of passing knowledge and advocating a better future for human race. When a person starts watching the documentary, he or she always has a big question at hand: “What is the secret?” As an individual continues to watch, a clear theme that enables people to understand outlines. The secret is the law of attraction. The film helps individuals understand the things that they possess in their lives. When they understand all the abilities, strengths, physical and invisible wealth, they can attract good things in their lives.

With the help of different guests who hold different titles such as doctors, authors, psychologists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, philosophers and others, the documentary explains the law of attraction and the way an individual can attract good things into his or her life and at the same time avoid bad things. The film further illustrates that the wish of an individual can act as a command to the universe. Here, the film director is intending to educate the viewers that they should always wish to have goods so as to attract the good things in their lives. It is important to evaluate the things that we do in our daily lives to differentiate what is good and what is bad. In such a way, every person will discover the secret that can be termed as the strength of an individual in his or her daily live. Further, every person will use this secret or strength and attract good things that will change his or her life. Different themes are used in the film to assist the viewers understand the law of attraction and how simple things in life can enable individuals change their lives to the best. Real life experience is utilized in the documentary to show how the secret hinders people from developing but moves them to the next level when they discover the secret.

Since childhood, I have got a chance of watching many films. In fact, viewing movies is my hobby. Among the movies that I have watched, The Secret is the most stupendous. It helped me grasp important aspects of human life and I tried to apply in mine. It is a film that can hardly be called an entertaining one; it is rather educative and well detailed. The producers chose a good setting for the plot and clear pictures that make it easy to understand the content of the film and the flow of the story. The clear arrangement of visual and audio sections of the movie makes the movie easy to comprehend and more appealing to the viewers. In fact, it is more of a lesson than a film as it is a source of exposure that can enable every person who watches it to change his life to the best. Clear outline of themes and the use of other genres of literature such as imagery and fun makes a person has the urge to watch more. Suspense enables a person to keep watching to the end. For sure, it has changed the way I used to view things through enabling me discover the secret.


To sum up, The Secret movie helps the viewers understand the great secret of the universe. It serves as an eye opener to the viewers to enlighten them how they can use simple things in life to reach high heights. It changes the lives of those who understand the film since it touches the lives of every person in the society.

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