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Cancer is a wide-ranging word used to cover numerous malignant illnesses. There are more than 100 dissimilar types of cancer, which are affecting different body parts (Komaki). Every cancer is distinctive with its own symptoms, grounds, and systems of cure. Similar to with all grouping of disease, a number of types of disease are more widespread than others are.

General Description of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a killer disease where cancerous cells grow in the lungs tissue. In the globe, many people are losing their life due to this disease. According to the research study done by United States Medical review board, it showed that many men and women are dying day-in-day out. This disease has been killing people often all over the globe (Roth). Moreover, there are two key lung cancer and these are non-small cell and small cell. Smoking has been perceived as the cause of a small cell lung cancer. Recently, non-small lung cancer is often. This disease is comprised of sub-types and is based on where the cancer has grown in the lungs. Various factors that attribute to cause lung cancer include smoking, exposure to asbestos, exposure to radon and inheritance among others. According to the research study conducted, smoking has become a significant cause of lung cancer (Society). This factor is accounting to more than 70 percent of the disease diagnosis.

However, cigarette is not only the cause that causes the disease but also the pipes and cigars. Moreover, smokers are at a high risk of acquiring lung cancer as weighed to non-smokers. Non-smokers acquire this disease through various other mechanisms such as second hand smoke. Though often research studies carried out, there are various symptoms that one can be capable of identifying a person with lung cancer. Some of these symptoms include the shortness breath, pain in the shoulder, chest, or neck. Other symptoms are wheezing, pneumonia or recurring bronchitis, bloody phlegm, and continual cough, which do not get away with cure.

Lung Cancer Treatment

The treatment of lung cancer differs based on it phase. The treatment of non-small cell and small cell lung cancer differs significantly. Chemotherapy is the most widely technique that is used to treat small cell lung cancer. Surgery is simply appropriating if there is the absent of sign and symptoms that the cancer has extended to the lymph glands in the mediastinal lymph glands, and this is infrequent with small cell lung cancer.  Moreover, it has spread at the time of diagnosis. Therefore, chemotherapy is normally the chief treatment. Alternatively, one may have radiotherapy to cure this lung cancer. Non-small cell lung cancer ought to be treated with chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy or a blend of these. This will depend on the phase when the cancer is diagnosed. It is noteworthy that people with highly developed lung cancer ought to have biological therapy. Both radiotherapy and chemotherapy are used to treat early stage small cell lung cancer (Falk). Furthermore, the moderately fit individuals ought to have surgery. It is frequent for this cancer to extend to the brain. Therefore, the doctors regularly suggest radiotherapy to the brain for individuals whose lung cancer contract with chemotherapy cure. Normally, one may have radiotherapy to mind at the closing stages of the chemotherapy cure. It goal is to try to slay any cancer cells that might have by now spread to the brain. Moreover, they have to be too small to put in an appearance on examination. The doctors refer to this practice as PCI, which s an abbreviation of cranial irradiation. A person ought to have surgery to get rid of the part of the lung having the tumor for each early phase small cell lung cancer, which has not broadened to nodes. The surgery is followed by radiotherapy and sometimes chemotherapy (Driscoll). Nevertheless, the cancer by now spread at the time of analysis and surgery is not at that time probable. Therefore, small cell lung cancer can be treated. Nevertheless, the treatment based on the phase of the disease affects.

Non-small lung cancer is not common. This disease is treated on several stages. At stage one; one may have surgery to get rid of the path of the lung, which is a process known as lobectomy or pneumonectomy. However, a person may not be operated due to other factors. In this stage, the doctor is obliged to recommend radiotherapy instead to try to cure the cancer. Many researchers have recommended that radio frequency ablation be used to cure small tumors. At stage two, non-small lung cancer is treated based on the position of the tumor. A person can be operated to get rid of part of the lung. Nowadays, specialists have recommended that chemotherapy as the best technique to cure when the cancer is wholly removed. This treatment is used to eliminate the risk of cancer in the future. It is essential to note that the doctor is obliged to notify the patient on the body effects of chemotherapy. Additionally, the patient is supposed to have radiotherapy in case the doctor has not removed the entire tumor. Finally, the doctor can combine the two these two techniques in case the patient cannot be operated due to health reasons. This treatment is meant to eliminate the cancer. At stage three, a patient ought to have surgery based on the position of cancer in the lungs. Therefore, this is the stage where the entire lung is removed, which a process is known as pneumonectomy. The patient may have to be done chemotherapy when the doctor did not remove the cancer. This practice is done to reduce the risk of cancer in the future. Additionally, if the doctor identifies cancer cells in the lymph nodes during the surgery then are possibly informing the patient to have radiotherapy and chemotherapy operations. Nevertheless, the surgeon may recommend using the combined practices when the patient is not operated due to certain health reasons. This practice is used to  remove cancer.

Moreover, in case the patient’s scans show cancer cells in the center part of the chest then the doctor is obliged to recommend radiotherapy instead of surgery. This cancer may be close to a patient heart leading to risk of operation. Furthermore, the surgeon may give advice that the patient has a course of chemotherapy. Later, this would be followed by radiotherapy. Moreover, in case the patient’s scans show cancer cells in the center part of the chest then the doctor is obliged to recommend radiotherapy instead of surgery. This cancer may be close to a patient heart leading to risk of operation. Furthermore, the surgeon may give advice that the patient has a course of chemotherapy. Later, this would be followed by radiotherapy. However, some individuals may have fairly fit, and small tumor ought to have radiotherapy. This operation has more side effects than the treatment given alone. Therefore, the patient needs to be acquainted to cope with the side effects. Furthermore, the patient may have a course of chemotherapy when the scans show the sign of the lymph nodes on the opposite side of the patient’s chest. In this sense, a surgery is not possible. At stage four, the treatment for non-small cell lung cancer intends to control the cancer to shrivel the tumor along to reduce the symptoms. This is the stage where a patient may have to be done radiotherapy to control symptoms such as cough and pain.

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Nowadays, lung cancer is becoming a considerable threat to the life of both teenagers and adults. The main reason why one chose this topic is to emphasis on the use of drugs as it is causing many deaths to many. Everyone should have all the required information on the risk of using harmful drugs because in the near future, the labor will reduce if the teenagers and adults continue in this practice. As theorists say, “the young generation is the one that iwill enhance to lead the world in the future.” Therefore, many campaigns should be conducted to inform everybody on the various risks. According to the conducted research, many teenagers have insufficient information about the lung cancers effects. Therefore, one would recommend everyone to focus on worldwide education against overusing stimulants of the disease such as nicotine. The other thing that one would want to write on this disease is to give clear information to everyone who is willing to hear (Driscoll).

Moreover, this paper indicates a sense of sympathy to the young people in the globe to look forward and leave fraudulent activities backwards. Many countries are using a lot of money when trying to take their patients to the hospital, which is becoming expensive day-by-day. Therefore, this factor limits the development and growth of any state. Furthermore, exceedingly many governments are using a lot of their investment to treat those people who are infected with lung cancer thus reducing the possibility of country development. To emphasis on this, those people who are sick with this disease are bringing the issue of dependency in the society. This dependency ratio has promoted poverty as a society with people of this disease might mostly concentrate on them.


On conclusion, the key goal of this paper is to teach and emphasis on the various risk of lung cancer, how it is caused, and the future endeavors that must have to be done in the future. Finally, the adherence of this advice would ensure the growth and improvement of peoples live in the society and improved living condition.

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