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Patient Sedation Without Medication, Elvira Lang and Eleanor Laser

In their well-documented book, Patient Sedation Without Medication, Elvira Lang and Eleanor Laser demonstrates health care practitioners how to use the procedure hypnosis in making provider-patient interaction and patient experience more pleasant, more efficient and easier for both parties. The book has easy step-by-step methods which have been incorporated as a result of experience and deep research. The authors have complied what they have learnt over the years they have been assisting clients through medical encounters, diagnostic examinations and medical procedures. The authors have tested the quick hypnotic and the rapid rapport procedures presented in meticulous potential randomized researches with seven hundred patients. The studies indicate that the use of the described techniques makes procedures faster, safer and comfortable (Elvira & Eleanor, 2011).

"Patient Sedation without Medication" assists healthcare professionals to learn and understand techniques which assist their patients finish medical procedures and tests safely and without gratuitous medications. With such an approach, patients remain more experienced and stable which reduces complication rates. Applying and learning the techniques obtainable in this book increases efficacy and comfort in the healthcare’s work with patients. It guides medical practitioners to channel their empathy in ways which make procedures and support the patient. This makes the situation less stressful and enhances their enjoyment of the job. The techniques initiate a positive feedback from patients (Elvira & Eleanor, 2011).

Practical Book

"Patient Sedation without Medication" is a practical book applicable for everyone working in a medical setting. It helps healthcare professionals in increasing comfort and reducing patient nervousness with procedures. This maximizes their well-being and reduces pain and suffering. The authors presented the techniques clearly and included the relevant scripts at the back of the book for unproblematic reference. This is a great book, which can be used effectively in learning and teaching guided/hypnosis imagery in the clinical context (Elvira & Eleanor, 2011).

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