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How can Organization Become more Open to Feedback?

Being open to feedback has a great impact on the general performance of an organization. For an organization to be open to feedback, it has to undergo a number of things that should not send any signal to the clients since this may either directly or indirectly result to hatred. An organization should always show the willingness to listen to its clients (Annekie Brink, 2009). In addition, when an organization is faced with something, let us say, a case being brought forth by its client, it should act in accordance and not dictate as though it is always right. This tendency of assuming to be right usually leads to a feedback that is uneven. However, an organization should not in anyway assume a particular side when it comes to matters of concerning misunderstandings by its clients. It should let the truth be ascertained through the right channel.

Ways of Training Employees that will Help

There are many areas where training of employees will significantly be of great importance to an organization. Employees should know the importance of the training. This will ensure that whatever comes out of the trainer is taken seriously by the staff and the trainee. Secondly, train your staff on how to minimize resource management (Schäfer, 2007. This ensures that resources are not wasted. Clients are ought to know the need of a peaceful working environment. This serves to make sure there is no chaos in the premises. If this, among other things, is in control, then the organization can develop so spontaneous.

Importance of Feedback

Feedback refers to a response or an answer to initially asked question or request. Feedback is very crucial or rather paramount to an organization. First, the party that poses the question is made to know whether it really made its communication clear or not. In addition, clear feedback provides a way for an individual to start thinking along another line. If one is given a clear answer, he/she will make an informed conclusion of whether to proceed on with another item or not. Feedbacks usually, if not always, give an individual a clue of whether what he/she did at a given stage was to the standard or not. If it was, then one feels proud and may want to do better. If not, one learns on the best way of doing it.

How to Recover Lost Customers

In an organization, no matter what you do either train you personnel or produce superior products, customer dissatisfaction and disappointment will be inevitable. It’s a great relief nowadays, because customers will always contact you and express their dissatisfaction. This becomes your only chance of winning back their loyalty by acknowledging the ownership of the issue and the willingness to cover for it. The following three steps will help you gain the customer’s confidence in your company back.


The customer is the ultimate control of the business. Customer recovery is an extremely subtle process and requires the best moves and efforts to be applied. It’s not advisable to let this process develop into power struggle because, as a company, you are the one to loose. Even as the managing director, you cannot be able to convince the customer unless he is aware that you care and willing to change whatever that disappointed him, this is where the real meaning of understanding manifests itself (Schäfer, 2007).


This is the second step. After expressing your understanding of your customer, you should really show the customer that you can help him. Willingness to help will make the customer discover that you indeed care. With time you will discover that the understanding statement and the help statement contain the most powerful words as far as the customer is concerned. Once the customer feels your sincerity and willingness to assist, the disappointed customer is likely to reconsider you.

The Feeling of Being Dble to do all

One should learn to use words like “you can-do” which gives the customer confidence and willingness to continue working with you. Organizations should learn to empower its employees in various ways, so that they have an attitude of trying to win back lost customer.

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With understanding, willingness to help and “can-do” attitude company will be able to escape customer confrontation, and also increase their satisfaction and confidence.

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