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Factors that can Impact my Behavior as a Golfer

It is critical that I have an understanding of the factors that can impact my behavior as a golfer. I have realized that as a golfer, never go for anything cheap (cheap is expensive in the log-term). Although golfing may be deemed as a sport for the rich, I have realized that it is not but only the attitude. As a golfer, one changes taste and wants the best and nothing less. This has changed my taste for many things. I now feel comfortable using my time for leisure and interacting with my friends at the golf course most of who sacrifice a lot to play golf. This tells me that if you love something, you can do all that you can to enjoy it including foregoing some luxuries like purchasing a nice car. This is because most of my friends are still in college and cannot comfortably afford all that is required for professional golfers.

Fundamental Lack

It is important to note that about 20% of today’s golfers took up the sport as a child and many of the old golfers have a child playing golf. Although there is a fundamental lack of engagement among young people who play golf, I will never forget a tournament that has changed most of my mates perception of golf. There is usually an end of the year golf competition in our school each year. Our school’s golfing tournament had attracted some of the top golfers around the county. However, I did not know that Tiger Woods will make an appearance. His appearance attracted a large crowd of young people who seemed to now want to know more about golf. He encouraged young people to get interested in golf and promising to sponsor the school’s golfing tournament for five years. This excited a lot of young people who vowed to participate and learn more about the sport. Once one of the most profitable sports brands in the world, Tiger Woods was sponsored by many companies including Nike, Accenture, Tag Heuer, Accenture, and AT & T and was known as a role model for the young people who were dreaming of being golf pros. This was a form of advertising golf to new golfers who are determined not only to make money but also a name and fame. As from that day, many young people expressed their desire to start golfing and aim higher in the sport.

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