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Relationship Between the Human Behavior and Various Environments

Environmental psychology scrutinizes the relationship between the human behavior and various environments including the social setting and nature of the planets. It is about an interplay that surrounds the human nature and the environment within that which human being lives. The environmental psychology is aimed at solving problems related to the developmental discipline as far as the environment is concern whether global or at local capacity. The concern is to moderate and predict the condition through which the human nature operates in a decent manner and enhancing a behavior that is more reasonable to the surrounding. Therefore, in this analysis, there is need for the modulation on the behavior, interaction with the prevailing environmental conditions and the attempts to solve problems related to the environment through a diagnostic analysis by the human being (Bonnes & Secchiaroli, 1995).

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Environmental floods can cause a big and major havoc on the environment and making it more devastating to those who live in it. Unless human intervention is sought then the situation can remain worse with destructive environment. The hurricane Irene had a big and major impact in one of the towns in Vermont, causing a great destruction of the bridges, displacement of the homes and various families, washing away developmental projects on the ground together with roads. However, at the moment of occurrence, people in the area could not see this as a big issue but the aftermath of the situation made the scene unpleasant and wanting. They all saw it to be a normal situation because they thought that torrential rains with some wind and storm was part of rhythm and season that they had always experienced period after period in every season in the valleys and the mountains of the northern part.

Contrary, on one of the Sundays of the August month, storms with full of floods caused a bigger and negative impact on the people and the environment at large. When they hit Vermont causing most basements to flood, damage many houses, the green and natural trees destroyed, swept away beautiful sceneries that were meant to make the places more beautiful and more conducive for the human nature. When Goodman tried to inquire from his neighbor, he was highly surprised to see them in chest deep in the water, their own house with floods all over the places. The occasion was more worrying and confusing to make them lack what to do in order to save the situation. The environment in which they had all lived in for quite a long period now seemed different and scaring to their life. The storms made numerous buildings including the police stations to be underwater. Goodman’s wife had come home to tell the husband on the issue of the floods and the husband referred it to that of an earlier period in the year 1927. These storms caused erosion and soils remaining scattered everywhere.

Some individuals gave themselves to save the situation by collecting the soils using shovels and wheelbarrows in order to bring back the green environment as it was in the region before the storms. They made it to the Randall streets which had a major hit and got some support from other people to make the places clean and more admirable. To surprise, in the afternoon the place was packed with people who had volunteered themselves for the work of restoring the environment. Foods and other helping facilities like pumps, generators and power washers were offered to help and make the work easier in restoring this environment. After some time the places was restored and brought back to its normal state by the people. From the commitment and determination by the people it is evident that environment related issues have a significant role in making human life more comfortable. The surrounding scenery contributes to the comfort and satisfaction to life and achieves whatever human being has set in the future.

Storms being Severe and Affecting the Environment

Besides the storms being severe and affecting the environment by taking away homes, destroying streets, causing losses in the businesses among others, the floods enhanced the social skills of the people around and brought together the community to be one in fighting against an attempt to destroy the environment. The stress among the people in the community on how to rebuild the region was shared thus reducing the psychological stress by individuals who had incurred bigger losses. Finally, the environmental psychology is depicted in this scenario through when the storm washed away the town, the responses that the people gave to save and restore it back to the normal. Environmental psychology also recognizes the human desire for problem-oriented and need to solve environment related disciplines for the comfort of human kind (Steg & Berg, 2012).

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