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Young Branch in Psychology

Positive psychology is a recent and young branch in psychology. It was derived from the main branch of psychology solely for the purpose of redefining and encouraging genius minds. According to Positive Psychology-UK, “positive psychology is a science of positive aspects of human life such as happiness, wellbeing and flourishing.” (para. 1). Thus it deals with people from all works of life not just the ‘mentally ill’.

From my point of view, positive psychology was developed for counter parting the initial mindset that it is for those who from suffer mental disorders. The positivity of this field is aimed at giving people a mindset that is based on thinking out of the box and seeing the impossible becoming possible. Positive thinking helps people to be happy, rich and content.

Various research work indicates that positive psychology is a valuable field as it greatly attributes to the mental wellness in both the workplace and at home. Though it is not widely accredited, positive psychology, according to Cotton and Hart; can help “workplace interventions that contrast with standard occupational hazard and risk management approaches that focus primarily on reducing workplace stresses and employee negative emotions (para. 12).

Enhancing one’s Positive Attitude and Happiness

Enhancing one’s positive attitude and happiness all starts in the brain, the power within has to be summoned and despite what the situation may be, all negative thoughts can be blocked out. The application of positive psychology in one’s life can be greatly influenced by their social and environmental stanzas. As Peale says, “…I can get the feel of some power within me. “Well, he got it, and he did start all over again. But he did so only when he changed his viewpoint, his mental attitude…” (p. 13).

A great support system can help in enhancing a happy and positive psychology. It all starts from the right mindset and a strong unwaiving mental attitude. The field of psychology is still young and not strongly implemented in schools and public places but the home environment can be the starting point.

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