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“Are you happy?” is the question one may hear at some point of his life asked by someone close to him. This question makes one contemplate whether the needs and desires were met. Besides, it makes one analyze how content he or she really is with the life, if he or she have fulfilled the purpose in life. I start to think about all the things I have that either make me happy or are supposed to make me happy. I think of my family, friends, clothes and electronic gadgets. Are all of these supposed to make me happy automatically? Should I only be happy because the society says that these are the secrets to feel happiness?

The Key to Happiness

The key to happiness is attitude. This ability to control outlook tends to influence our emotional stance. Attitude is said to be a manner or feeling with regard to a person or thing. One can choose to feel happiness by programming themselves to have a positive attitude that creates a sense of belonging and fulfillment. This attitude is not based on possessions, but on an outlook that one chooses to have. A positive attitude is one that focuses on the good that the universe holds instead of opting to wallow over negativity. It is counting ones blessings instead of failures.

Money Cannot Buy Happiness

The society has persuaded us that happiness can only be achieved due to one’s genetic makeup, personality differences, environmental and cultural influences. This is not true because it is an individual, who sets up his own happiness.

Money cannot buy happiness, in fact, the rich people tend to suffer from loneliness and paranoia unlike those with not so much money. People spend most of their lives trying to acquire wealth because they think that this is the source of happiness. However, the rest of their lives is complete disappointment because they realize that the money do not bring fulfillment or any joy.


To conclude, to be happy means to change the attitude towards life into positive mode. Pursuing the purpose in life and moving forward are the factors that can make a person feel happiness. It is important to know that it is only you, who are the master of your fate and only you can decide which path to follow. To be happy means to decide that starting from this moment you are happy.

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