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Education has been proven to be the most reliable and powerful weapon for conquering the world. Without proper education, people’s life would be nothing but gauche; as such it would be meaningless and dreary. It is imperative to acknowledge that the level of development which is witnessed in the world today is attributed to education. Therefore, the contemporary college education stimulates development programs by empowering energetic youth with capacity to participate in poverty eradication and social disintegration

How College Education Stimulates Development

College education is quite significant to the economy of any given country. It determines the rate at which that state can move toward achieving its set economic goals. When as many youths as possible graduate from colleges, the country frees itself from the burden of having to hire expatriates to accomplish certain crucial duties at an exorbitant cost (Provitera 30). This normally inflates the wage bill unlike when all technocrats are sourced domestically as such countries which rely on their own graduates move faster in development. The best example is the United States of America, which is self-sufficient in terms of labor force in the service industry. Following a large number of college graduates, the US has managed to grow its economy rapidly by therefore creating a myriad of job opportunities. Once many citizens have access to sustainable jobs, the living standards also rise and poverty becomes a thing of the past.

Following the improved living standards, many families do not find it difficult to empower their young people with further education. Good education would entitle them to fair chances in life by opening numerous avenues for them in different sectors of the economy. This is the reasons why developed countries such as the US, the UK, France, and Germany among others have strong economy scales which are directly proportional to the literacy levels. From this example, it is confirmed that college education really accelerates the economic development of a country (Almeda and Julie 81). The opposite story is true with developing nations mostly from Africa and Asia, where fewer people have graduated from colleges. Such people still grapple with the problem of unemployment, low living standards, and pernicious poverty. Consequently, poor countries have become captives of developed countries ever depending on them for financial aid and expertise in the labor market. Probably, such countries are still oblivious of the fact that no nation ever developed on aid from the other countries.

When citizens in a country embrace college education, the country also stands high chances of attaining social integration. Degree holders can live harmoniously with anybody from around the world without friction. This is because college life exposes those students to different lifestyles. Students therefore interact widely with the other people from diverse backgrounds and as such learn how to cope and tolerate each other. For instance, the lack of such education is what often propagates animosity among people of different communities; especially in war torn countries. It is proven that the lack of universal education would limit people’s perspective of life and others from different parts of the world (Simmons 7). Those deficient of this education continually remain in a certain cocoon and totally detach themselves from the complex society. Such people also do resist any attempts by the elite to enlighten them and are feeling very insecure with strangers. Failure for people from different ethnicities and races to get along is what may easily result in civil wars and perpetuate animosity.


College education plays a significant role among individuals as well as in the society at large. Countries that have very low enrolment of college graduates lag behind in economic development for the lack of affordable labor force. Cases of primitivism are also rampant in such countries, which is a thing that is attributed to narrow exposure of citizens from different backgrounds. It is high time the society embraced college education if socio-economic development is a priority.

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