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Child Abuse Refers

Child abuse refers to the actions done by state, parents or guardians, which are against the rights of a child. This comprises of all actions omissions that pose danger to a child’s emotional and physical state as well as its development. These damages cannot be explained in a reasonable manner shown by the injury appearing in a fortuitous nature. Child abuse is easily shown by several signs, and it comprises abuse of different types. This form of abuse is also rampant in countries where there are poor government rules. This paper will bring out the signs that are linked to child abuse. There are several forms of abuse which have an impact on children. There is physical abuse, which involves kicking and whipping of children, which has a direct impact on children’s bodies. Physical abuse is widely common and widely spread around the world.

Involves Sexual Abuse

The other form of child abuse involves sexual abuse including rape and prostitution among children who are under age (Kempe). This form of vice is common in developing countries where there is much insecurity and judicial system is weak to enforce this act, sexual abuse traumatizes children in their entire life through memorizing the action when they were young.

Neglect refers to the forms of child abuse, which involves parents and peers not providing their children with basic needs. Most children lack the basic needs that are essential to them, such as water and food.

Emotional Abuse

Another form of child abuse involves emotional abuse, which includes behaviors that interfere with child mental health and social development. This includes shaming, screaming, and yelling. Emotional abuse also involves the lack of affection from parents towards children, which affects them later in their life, and the lack of physical attraction towards children, such as hugs, which may make them less affectionate towards their family, which is a form of neglect (De, Koster). There are various forms of signs of child neglect, which as individual you should report to family or the relevant authorities to enable them rectify in near future. This way makes child abuse decline and spread awareness to the rest of people. Some of the sings for recognizing child abuse or neglect are faster change in a child’s performance at school and other situation that involves daily activities of children. The lack of support from parents and family members may be a sign of neglect towards children, which makes them run away to become street children. Little supervision by parents towards children, which leads to child abuse and children lacking proper morals while growing up, is a form of child abuse.

Parents express little concern towards children, which leads to abuse. This is because children need affection from their parents to feel as part of the family and appreciate themselves in company of others (Rosina). Parents should also set high standards for their children to achieve in the academic field and face consequences if they fail to achieve the laid down targets. Some parents also view their children as bothersome and hence they always value the negative actions of their children in whatever they do, even if it is good. This is a clear form of child abuse from parents. On the issue of reduced care of a child, attention in terms of basic needs and emotional satisfaction leads to the sign of neglect towards a child from parents. Parents and children can also draw a sign of neglect through rare touch and, to some extent, they hate each other leading to total neglect among them. Various types of child abuse, such as physical, sexual, and emotional are interrelated so that a physically abused child will be emotionally abused in the end. Signs of physical abuse are common, and it is easy to determine burns, bites and bruises on a child. There is also the fear of adults when they come together or approach a child. This happens on part of recognizing their signs of child abuse when a child portrays those characteristics, such as the fear of going home when he/she is late and crying in event of recognizing harsh conditions from the parents. The above applies to most children.


It is clear that parents’ signs include conflicting with children and unreasonable child injuries. Obviously, the use of harsh physical discipline on a child may lead to bad consequences on part of children. This leads to continuity of the vice of child abuse. Excessive child beatings are also signs of harsh conditions in terms of physical abuse. Signs of neglect include the following on part of children when a child is frequently out of school. Stealing from friends and the abuse of alcohol may lead to neglect. A child having fewer clothes to wear portrays a way of neglect on part of parents.

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