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Du Bois’ policies promised more instantaneous benefits for African-Americans. Du Bois happened to be the principal African-American who received a PHD gradation. He supposed that black people ought not to be silent on Segregation. He fought against most whites’ opinions. He believed that African-Americans ought to get industrial education among others. Du Bois not only lectured classes at institutions but also acted upon his thoughts. He secured the white primacy. From his thought or action, African-Americans could get more benefits, new conception, and more civil privileges. More African-Americans would get well-educated realizing all the significance of education. They would understand that their lives are not for the whites alone; instead, they would know that they ought to live for their children and themselves. The African-Americans will earn substantial respect if they have better earnings through education. Washington, on the other hand, thought differently. He supposed that African-Americans ought to get industrial skills only. They may earn money and subsequently change their social class. Although, Africa-Americans would get more finances for living, they would still be of a lower economic status. The whites would still oppress the Africa-Americans. Du Bois' encouraged Africa-Americans to voice out their dissatisfactions regarding the whites’ supremacy. In my opinion, Africa-Americans ought to stand against the whites’ inequality and segregation at the time. In the current American society, Du Bois would function best for the blacks (African-Americans). Getting higher education, Africa-Americans will quicker acquire new ideas about situations. They will become more confident through education and more knowledgeable on how to solve the problem of racism. They no longer will just accept stereotypes.

Nevertheless, several of Washington's thoughts were good. To date, they are effective for the black Americans. He taught African-Americans to stand for their ideas even when they were not strong. Nonetheless, in the current world, Washington's attitude would be more effective. For instance, the struggle in Iraq lasted for many years. Change occurs over a period. If we applied Du Bois' belligerent approach in the current world, battles, killings and strikes would most probably occur. Aggression is somewhat stable, and that is how we ought to keep it. However, racism to date is a concern in the whole world and, unfortunately, some people are too inept to advance. This gives the implication that no matter what approach, racism in America will never cease as it is a problem that may never be solved. It is decreasing with time but may never die completely.

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It is only the whites who were allowed to be American citizens. As time went by, more whites were granted permission to become American citizens. As it is quoted in the movie, whiteness is vital to get American citizenship. In 1970, the Congress had approved an act asserting that barely liberated white migrants could become American citizens. Subsequent to the civil war, African-Americans were integrated into naturalization. Despite this extension of naturalized citizens, only white citizens had precise access to the poll, were allowed to sit on panels, had good jobs, and could be designated into public offices. Being white in this context did not simply imply being of white skin color. It went further to being a partaker of the welfares enjoyed by the American citizens. In 1924, the Congress had approved Johson-Reed’s Immigration Act that completely banned Asian migrants until 1965. The Act also withheld migration from southern and eastern Europe. Citizens had the right and privileges to own property and occupy good jobs. Non-citizens had no right to own land and had no access to good jobs. From the movie, it can be said that up to 58 out of a hundred workers in the mines and American factories had poor paying and odd jobs. Those who were denied citizenship were not partakers of the American human rights. They had no right to own property, neither were they entitled to good housing. It is quoted from the movie that many acres (thousands) were confiscated from Japanese migrants and sold to American white farmers. The racial prerequisite for naturalization was eradicated in 1952.

Race as well as class identifies the individuals most probable to serve rough time for drugs, regularly in the "mandatory minimum" decrees which have made managing private penitentiaries an unswerving business. Laws, which treat fissure cocaine more severely as compared to the powdered array, have affected black perpetrators prodigiously. However, the mushrooming appetite for sparkle meth has satiated prisons with meager, mostly bucolic whites. There is documentary scrutinizing a number of incongruities of war against drugs, for example, mandatory minimum decrees, the fissure/cocaine decreeing discrepancy, and asset annexation that shows the way they have twisted law execution. Commendably, it sets a contention that the procedure is wrecked and that people benefiting from it do not have any incentive to mend things. Although, the impression of likening incriminated drug-users to Holocaust fatalities will certainly curdle some individuals off.

European ethnics came to be white as a result of the phrase, which claimed that American whites were molded from European. The phrase made by Zangwill said that Americans were pure essence of European races. Therefore, American law acknowledged the Europeans as their associates and relations. The federal housing association set regulations which undermined integration of non-whites in the whites’ society and environment. These regulations dictated that no black should live in the neighborhood of the whites. The presence of blacks in a white environment was perceived as degrading that environment. The FHA supporters cautioned that the existence of as least two or one non-white person could emasculate real estate assessments in the novel suburbs. Private industry adopted these governing guidelines broadly. Racial considerations were for long taken into account in native real estate systems. Beginning from1930, government bureaucrats entrenched national evaluation system in which ethnic group was equally important in the real estate appraisal as the state of the property was. Using this stratagem, federal investigators assessed 239 conurbations all over the state for pecuniary risk. Property value decreased as neighborhood changed from white to non-white since the federals believed that the non-whites were immoral and unethical. Therefore, the environment of non-whites was considered unsafe and not up to the standards.

According to Davenport, the American population would suffer more social evils as a result of having many non-whites integrated in it. As he wrote, the population will be more prone to felonies of sexual immorality, assault, larceny, rape, kidnapping, and murder. He also suggested that the proportion of irrationality in the people will be on the rise. As soon as the Eight Mile Road white inhabitants in Detroit heard that they lived excessively near to a Black community eligible for an optimistic FHA ranking, they constructed a six foot fortification between themselves (the whites) and Blacks. When the fortification was completely built, mortgages on the white properties were approved. Between 1934 and 1962, the federal government underwrote 120 billion dollars in new housing. Less than 2% went to non-whites. There was wealth inequality between the whites and the non-whites. Even if a white person had the same property as a non-white, the net worth of the two was different. This mostly resulted from the difference in the houses they occupied. This is because non-whites of similar income with whites had their houses lowly rated thus lowering their net worth. As quoted in the movie, having the same income levels, white people were perceived compared to black people. This great disparity lied in the home values of these two races. As it happened to Roosevelt, if the white residents moved to the area of black residents, they were deprived of all services including schools and education as well as the eroding of the tax base. The county officials considered the town as an authentic dumping site for well-to-do families. This is a clear indication of great contempt from the whites for the blacks. White Americans viewed black American as degradation of their country and their virtues. 


In conclusion, racism in America has been a great problem, which was seemed unsolvable. Over a decade, racism has been a concern that every president in America has looked upon to find a solution. Previously, there were worse conditions compared to the present day society since non-Americans had no legal rights. Non-whites were fully discriminated against in all walks of life. Despite the fact that a solution has not been found, great improvements have been made. Currently, the black Americans have the same legal rights as the whites. It cannot pass unnoticed that today, black people in America can own property, something that was impossible previously. Another great achievement in the fight against racism is the integration of blacks in noble jobs. In today’s world, many blacks are occupying noble jobs in courts, universities and even in the Congress. The American law has expanded to allow black people hold public offices in America. Although the constitution did not initially integrate the black people and the poor whites in the “we the people” statement in the constitution, with many amendments, these disadvantaged groups have come to be integrated. Commendably, blacks are currently allowed into whites’ environment although not as their fellow whites. Even though the net worth of blacks is still lower compared to that of the whites, it is comparatively better than it was. Contrary to the previous situation, education speaks more than race in employment. It was hard for blacks to get substantial education, thus impossible to secure any good job. 

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