The introduction section of a dissertation is a brief, but important section of the document. It includes a statement of the problem that will be addressed in the dissertation and leads in to what comes next. It is intended to be brief and should not go into more than general information that can be given in one or two paragraphs. However, it should be carefully and interestingly written.

The introduction section of a dissertation can be thought of as the engine that propels the rest of the paper. The objective of this section is to demonstrate to the reader why this particular   dissertation research matters. All of the dissertation's major problems should be addressed in the introduction chapter, and the writer should talk about why the dissertation will fill any gaps in previously performed research. It can also briefly address any failures that occurred during the research.

The introduction should include a short overview of the study for the benefit of the reader and discuss its significance. This means that it should briefly summarize the research questions that are addressed within the dissertation. It is not necessary to go into lengthy detail. It is a good idea to use a lot of transitional words and sentences when moving from one paragraph to the next. Thus, the last sentence should first state what the study will accomplish and finally transit to the following section. 

In the final part of the introduction section, the writer should inform the reader about what can be expected in the dissertation chapters that follow. That is, the reader of the dissertation should be told about what is in chapter 1, all the way through the document to the concluding dissertation chapter. This information should provide readers with the equivalent of a road map that will let them know what to expect throughout the body of the document. 

These details can be a lot for the busy student to remember. Not remembering them, however, can result in all of a student's hard work failing before the dissertation committee. With the help of editors, every student can have a successful dissertation and obtain his/her graduate credentials.

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