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Article Blog Writing

This blog article writing service aims to review the most useful and practical tips and tricks on blogging. This blog article introduction will be helpful for both newcomers and experienced bloggers. We highly encourage you to read this short piece of research, which will provide you with clear understanding of what a blog and its structure are, what kind of blogs exist, what their templates, characteristics and peculiarities are, and what differences between blogs and websites exist. Besides, you will find out who bloggers are and why they are so popular nowadays. Finally, you will get some priceless tips on how to write an interesting article for a blog, add a blog to the website and, of course, you will get to know some blog article ideas.

What is a blog article?

To answer this question, we should examine the definition of a blog, article blog structure, most common templates, and some blog peculiarities and characteristics.

The first blog article appeared in 1994 and looked like a personal diary or ordinary magazine. It aimed to make communication easier and let new ideas or tips spread more quickly. So, it was a prototype of modern blogging. Today's blog is an online web journal or magazine where you can write everything that you want your subscribers to read. Thus, it is a platform for discussing, and sharing new ideas, tips, and tricks on a particular subject or vice versa.

Of course, each blog has its own particular structure, which can vary and mostly depends on the owner and type of blog. However, there are some standard components and details, which a typical blogging site will include:

  1. Main menu or navigation panel.
  2. The list of the latest blog articles or access to review all blog content.
  3. An area for discussion and chit-chatting.
  4. Additional board with terms of privacy policy, links to other social pages.

Usually, each blog also has such items as archives and comments.

As a rule, bloggers write a lot of posts. Thus, thanks to archive, you may read an article you are interested in and do it quickly. Do not kid yourself; today's blog archive does not look like the one in the library. ‘Archive’ means that your past posts go to the next page and it is called the archive. More pages you have in your blog, bigger your archive is.

The primary purpose why we create blogs is to share our ideas and thoughts with our subscribers. That is why we are happy when someone comments our posts and wants to discuss them with us. If you are a newcomer, you may provoke your audience to comment more leaving the first provocative comment or chat with other more famous bloggers to engage new visitors to your blog.

Nevertheless, remember that a lot depends on you. There are a lot of different options concerning blog appearance: many various kinds of wallpaper, different styles and design templates, opportunity to change fonts and its size, etc. All these things can make your blog unique and help you to become a famous blogger.

Blog vs. Website

Today it becomes even more complicated to notice differences between a blog and a website. A blog and a website look like two peas in a pod. However, what is the difference between a blog and a website? The first distinction is between their owners. A blogger is a person who wants to share his/her thoughts and ideas with others. He/she decides on which subject, how often, and when to write a new post. Thus, a blogger is a direct owner of a blog, while websites usually belong to a small or big group of people who are responsible for website’s functioning, information, etc. Thus, they are distant owners and always have to negotiate about each step. The second difference is format. Blogging is an excellent way to share your ideas with others and even monetize your blog if you are famous enough and have enough number of subscribers or page clicking. So, you can advertise some products you use for yourself, check their quality, become an independent customer and share your thoughts with others. Besides, you can write comments on websites and recommend reading your reviews and so on.

Meanwhile, websites usually promote some services or products. So, they do not have this personal connection with their customers. That is why it becomes more and more popular to use blogging and bloggers to advertise and spread information about facilities or goods. Of course, producers pay bloggers money. However, it does not mean that bloggers become unfair. For example, some young company, which is sure of their quality, may ask a blogger to help them to promote their products. Thus, it means that you get well-quality goods thanks to blogger’s advertisement. The next contrast is in the frequency of updating. Usually, bloggers write a lot of posts and upload them for their readers immediately. Thus, bloggers update their information more often than websites’ owners. The last but not the least difference is in the quality of updating. Bloggers write on different topics. If it is not a thematic blog, today you can write about global warming and tomorrow discuss types of relationships. Therefore, blog articles may be very different, and the content can vary a lot after each updating. Meanwhile, websites do not change their appearance or content so much after regular updating. Usually, they make global changing once a year and only if it is necessary.

If you are interested in becoming a blogger but do not know how to start a blog website - here is the list of the latest blogging ideas:

  • Lifestyle: describing your principles, mottos, etc.
  • Healthy food and fitness.
  • IT: if you are good at programming, you may upload some blog article writing software.
  • Games: many gamers share their tips and tricks.
  • Sport: discuss peculiarities and give recommendations.

Want to share your ideas and thoughts with others - follow the tips above!

Good luck!